BTEB Admission Result 2024 –

BTEB Admission Result 2024 1st Merit List is published at 10 AM. Polytechnic Admission Result can be checked from here. The students who have applied for the Polytechnic Diploma Admission now can see the result.

Diploma in Engineering Admission Result, Diploma in Textile Admission Result & Diploma in Marine Engineering Admission Result is published by the same time. You will see the institution name in the result page. Moreover, the shift and the subject name will be shown. To check your BTEB Admission 2024 Result, kindly follow the instructions given here.

BTEB Admission Result 2024

BTEB Admission Result 2024 is being published. Then the second phase confirmation will be start. Do you know about the confirmation? The details about the confirmation is mentioned here. Also, the migration process is described.

BTEB timeline:

  • Online application:
  • Result:
  • Confirmation:

BTEB Merit List & BTEB Waiting List is available here. The BTEB applicants can check individual result by login in. For this, students have to enter SSC Roll & Reg. number in the login portal. BTEB Admission Result 2024 merit list checking method is already mentioned here.

BTEB Result

For the students, it is important to know the institution name. Excitement works inside the applicants to know the institution name through BTEB Admission Result. Excitement goes high when the result is published. Almost every student searches online to know their BTEB Admission Result. But don’t be afraid, simply find out your admission result of BTEB from here.

The Admission Result of BTEB is available from 10 Am in the morning. For the applicants, The BTEB Result is available. Do you know how to check BTEB Admission Result? The BTEB Admission 2024 Result checking process is mentioned here. For each student, BTEB Admission Result is available individually. The candidates can know their allocated institution name by login into the BTEB portal.

BTEB Result 2024

Several ‘Quota’ is available for this Diploma Admission 2024-25 session. There were Freedom Fighter quota, Education Quota, Female quota, Technical Board quota, Minority Quota & Special Child Quota available for this admission. The quota result is not published separately, the students are getting quota result today.

Are you excited to check BTEB Admission Result 2024? Today each candidate can know his/her results. If you have applied for any quota then you have to show proper documents (except female and technical board quota). Technical board will prioritize the students who have completed SSC exam under Technical Board.

Applicants have got institution according to Secondary Exam GPA and the institution preference. For this BTEB Admission 1st Merit List Result, migration is available. The information related to Migration and Confirmation are depicted here for applicants. Every applicant must know about the confirmation for the admission.

Diploma Admission Result 2024

Today the result is published. Students had to wait one week for the BTEB Admission Result 1st Merit List. The applicants now can see BTEB Admission Result 2024 from here. The Diploma Result for the admission is second merit list is already published.

Check BTEB Admission Result 1st Merit List:

  • Go to the BTEB Result website
  • You will find ‘View Result’ option, click on it
  • There you have to enter your SSC Information like roll, registration number and passing year
  • Then submit and view the result

The BTEB applicants are getting Diploma Admission Result second merit list. For the second merit list selected students, confirmation starts from the same date. One candidate must confirm his selection for the final admission. If any student fails to confirm, then his selection will be gone.

Govt. BTEB Admission Result 2024 is already published. The BTEB authority has published Diploma in Engineering Admission Result 2024-25, Diploma in Marine Engineering Admission Result & Diploma in Textile Admission Result together. The applicants across the country having their results today by the same time.

BTEB Admission 1st Merit List Result

BTEB will send you message to your phone informing about your result. But if you are not selected in this first merit list, then you will not get any SMS. Sometimes, it could be late to send you SMS. So, it is better to check results from online by following the result checking method here.

Confirmation details:

If you don’t confirm your seat, then your seat will be gone. To hold your seat, you must confirm by paying the fee. After publishing BTEB Admission Result merit list, the confirmation date. Be aware of the deadline, you must confirm within this time.

Migration System:

In this BTEB admission 2024, Migration is available only if you confirm your seat. Migration goes for higher selected institutions. You can turn off the migration if you have got the desired institution and subject. Remember, Once you stop the migration, you cannot turn it on again. Migration is only available for the first phase. If you have got institution in the second merit list then you will not get migration. 

BTEB Admission 2024 Result

Today the BTEB Admission 2024 Result is published. The applicants just waited one week to know the result. The applicants eagerly seeks to know the institution name. Now, the second phase will be started very soon. If you did not got college then you will wait for the second merit list. You should know that, there will be no migration for the second merit list.

For your kind information, there will be total two phases for the BTEB Polytechnic Admission. The second phase is already completed. Then, BTEB authority is going to lead the second phase.

The students who have confirmed, will complete the admission by submitting required documents and then start class for the allocated subject.

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