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The pension & fund management bd service can be taken by cafopfm gov bd website. Bangladesh Government has started the service of Pension and Fund Management for our govt service officer. Before you go to the website learn which type of service you can get and what the procedure is. GPF Fund Balance Check, application form and online GPF statement Bangladesh on cafopfm gov bd.

In our country there are many people who queries about their pension. In previous years the pension system was manual and people had to suffer for their pension related problems. As the solution of this problem, the Pension & Fund Management system was introduced from ‘office of the Chief Accounts and Finance Officer’.

cafopfm gov 2023

Here is the list of what services you can get from the ‘Pension and Fund Management’ system:

The top three services a citizen can get from cafopfm gov bd are:

  • You can know your Pension Payment Information
  • GPF Balance Check
  • Grievance Redress System
gpf balance check cafopfm gov bd GPF Fund Balance Check - Pension and Fund Management

To know more in details please read the below passages. You will get a plenty of information that are related to the GPF Fund Balance Check. The authority lets the citizens know about their GPF fund balance. It is a good thing that everyone now can check fund balance within a few seconds.

GPF Fund Balance Check

There are some other things that you can do with this website portal cafopfm gov bd GPF Fund Balance Check. Those are:

  • GPF Fund Balance Check
  • Pension Calculation
  • Download Pension Application Form
  • GPF Application Form

All the governmental employer get a good amount of pension after their working life. For them, the pension is much important because they expected their whole life for it. You can use this governmental website service for any kind of activities related to your pension.

Every citizen can gpf account balance check online by following the rules. The online bases system provides accurate information for the GPF holder person. You may need to know about this GPF Balance check system. All the information are described here for you so that you can know.

Pension and Fund Management’s keynote speech is “Pension at your fingertips”. That means you can easily access your pension information through this service. This information you can access if you have the valid NID number and pensioner’s phone number.

  • First browse the website of cafopfm gov bd
  • In the home you will see an option named ‘Pension Payment Information’
  • Click on that and it will take you to a new portal
  • Then Enter pensioner’s NID number
  • Phone Number and your fiscal year

After you submitted the pension application form, you need to check application’s state. You may need to check your father’s or mother’s pension information in case they are unable. By this website system it has been easy to check information of pension.

GPF Balance Check

GPF full meaning is General Provident Fund. GPF is one type of account that is only available for governmental employee. Many people ask for how to check GPF Fund Balance? If you wish to check your GPF information you can do it with this Pension and Fund Management service.

  • Go to the home page of
  • Click on the ‘GPF Information’ tab
  • Provide NID number, phone number and Fiscal year
  • Then click ‘Submit’ to see GPF information
gpf fund balance check cafopfm gov bd GPF Fund Balance Check - Pension and Fund Management

The pension is the most important thing for a govt employee. Bangladesh Government is working to digitalize every service for citizens.

They are being successful to do this. cafopfm gov bd has helped many elder citizens by providing it’s services. GPF Fund Balance Check other service found here for Bangladeshi citizens. The GPF fund balance check is now easy because the portal is always open for the citizens.

Online pension bd

Many times our citizens suffer to get their pension after their governmental working life. It happens for some greedy and cheap-minded people. But the suffering days are over. If you feel you are facing any type of anarchy or chaos you can complaint about it through an application. Your complaint application status can be known through this service.

After your grievance application you can check its status. You will the instructions given below to check the complaint status.


  • Visit web page cafopfm gov bd
  • Click on ‘Grievance Redress System’
  • Enter NID card number and Phone number
  • Then you can check your complaint status

You can check the status of your grievance by going to the head office of Pension Fund and Management. But that will be time consuming. So, it will be a good idea to check Grievance Redress status from online. In 2023, the process is more easy than previous.

Pension Calculator cafopfm gov bd

The pension calculator is the most useful service of Pension and Fund Management. It is easy to calculate your pension amount.


  • Browse the official webpage cafopfm gov bd
  • Find the ‘Pension calculator’ tab and click on uiit
  • Select ‘Self Pension’ or ‘Family Pension’
  • Enter NID/Smart ID card no.
  • Enter you mobile number
  • Date of Birth
  • Your retirement Date
  • Enter net pension at retirement date
  • Press ‘submit’ to calculate your pension
pension calculator cafopfm gov bd GPF Fund Balance Check - Pension and Fund Management

Many times we fall in confusion about the pension amount. Your confusion can be reduced by this pension calculation service. Within just one minute you can know the exact amount you will receive on behalf of your pension. To know the balance is one kind of relief.

Those who have been worked for a long time as a governmental employee are now working for their last days. They feel the necessity to know about their pension amount. It is important for himself and his family members. Pension Form

To apply for your pension you have to submit an application 10 months before of your retirement. You have to download the pension application form from online. Without submitting this application your pension will not be approved.

To download the form:

  • Go to cafopfm gov bd
  • Click on the tab ‘Forms’ that is in the upper right corner
  • Then select Retirement Pension/Family Pension/EFT form
  • You will see few types of application form
  • Download the form named ‘pension application form-01’

There you will find doc and PDF option. You have download the PDF file because it is better than the doc file. Normally, the retirement pension is used for the pension. But also EFT form and family pension can be downloaded by this way. By downloading the form, it was easy to check out the pension form.

online pension bd cafopfm gov bd GPF Fund Balance Check - Pension and Fund Management

After you download the form, fill it up carefully with valid details. Once you submit the form then it cannot be changed. After you fill up, submit the form to the involved Pension Fund Management office. The more days are going the more ICT division is developing, also in 2023.

GPF Application Form cafopfm gov bd

The GPF Application Form and the process is described here for the general people. If you want to get a GPF Form then read the instructions here.

To get a GPF account you need to apply first. First you have to download the application form and fillup. Then submit it to the authority. The GPF application form downloading process is similar as pension application form.

  • Visit the home page cafopfm gov bd
  • Find the ‘Form’ option and click on it
  • Select ‘GPF’ from the form option list
  • Then Select GPF Account Opening form/Nominee form/Nominee change form
  • Download the PDF

This is not just a website of Pension and Fund Management. People are being helped by this web portal in many ways. In older ages, the pension system feels like a headache to them. By using this service they can easily get whatever they need related to the pension.

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Also, you can get many other information from this portal. You can get office orders and urgent notice in this web page. Use this service whenever you need. This would save your time, energy and the most interesting thing it is totally cost-free.

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