DU B Unit Result 2024 – Dhaka University

DU B Unit Result 2024 has been released 28th March 2024. The B Unit is for Social Science, Arts and Law faculty. There are total of 44 subjects under this faculty. This year, B unit holds the lowest passing rate in DU admission. Students those are in the DU B unit Merit List have to submit the subject choice application form.

B unit Dean Prof. Zia Rahman has announced the DU B Unit Admission Result 2024. DU B Unit Admission Result is available to check today. Well, many students are in the waiting list since their merit position is far from the total seat number. Not all the passed students will get seat. Only those have good merit score will be eligible for the admission. However, now its time to check out the DU Result B Unit.

DU B Unit Result 2024

The B Unit admission test was taken on 23 March. The admission test was held for one hour and thirty minutes. It took almost four weeks to publish result because there was written part. Finally, the waiting is over, today all the B unit applicants can know DU KHA Unit Results.

The B Unit admission timeline:

  • Admission Test: 23 February
  • Admission Result: 28th March 2024

Congratulations to the students those are in the Dhaka University KHA Unit Result merit list. Students check merit list and waiting list by Dhaka University Admission result kha unit released date 28th March 2024.

Check: DU B Unit Result

DU Result 2024 B Unit

DU B Unit Dean has fixed the schedule for the final admission. Students selected on DU Result B Unit merit list will complete the subject choice application. The procedure of the final admission is already announced.

How to get DU B Unit Result 2024? Many students ask to know the Dhaka University KHA Unit Result checking method. For your kind information, students can check out results by two methods. First of all, obviously, the students will get to know DU KHA Unit Results through online. Apart from the online method, students can know results by sending mobile SMS.

DU B Unit Merit List

For this 2023-24 session, there is migration system available. You should get a clear knowledge about the migration system. Before that, you have to face the viva exam. After the DU B Unit Result 2024 , there are some formalities for the viva exam which you must obey.

Dhaka University B Unit Result Merit List 2024 is already announced today. For the admission candidates, this DU B Unit Admission Test Result is enormously important. It is because, the DU Admission is dream for them.

According to the DU B Unit Result 2024 latest notice, this year over one lakh and 20 thousands students have participated in the admission test all across the country. The exam was taken without any hassle as per as rules. Earlier, it was announced that the result would publish within one month. It seems to be true, DU B Unit Merit List is out within four weeks.

DU Result B Unit 2023-24

DU Social Science, Arts and Law Unit Admission Merit List 2024 is the most important part of the admission process. Over one lakh students kept waiting for this day. This moment is much emotional for the candidates. However, now it is time for the students to know if their luck and hard work has been successful or not.

The negative mark was the matter of fear for the candidates. For every wrong answer, 0.25 marks deducted. So, it has been more difficult for students to pass the exam. It is mention-worth  that passing is not enough to get seat. There are over ten thousands students who obtained pass mark but there are only 2930 seats under B Unit.

How to get DU B Unit Result 2024?

Dhaka University DU B Unit Result 2024 is now available to check. Each student can check DU Result B Unit individually from our website. Please follow the instructions to know your result-

  • Visit the official admission website of DU – admission eis du ac bd
  • You have to login there entering your HSC and SSC Roll
  • Then you can see your results there

On the result page, you can see your total merit score including your written part mark and the MCQ part marks. Also, you can see how total right answers and wrong answers. It gives you a detailed look of your performance in the admission test.

DU KHA Unit Result via SMS

Do you know that it is possible to check DU B Unit Result 2023-24 through mobile SMS? Yes, its true, you can know your results by sending one SMS.

Follow the SMS method:

  • Go for new SMS option
  • Type the format- DU <> KHA <> Admission Roll
  • You need to send this SMS to 16321 number

Please make sure that your SIM has enough balance to send the SMS. Type the admission roll number correctly otherwise someone else’s result will appear. Students know result by using message it very simple way to get result.

DU B Unit Admission Result 2024

Students can be know result of Dhaka University is published website. Students can be check result online method and sms method.

Final Admission:

Today the DU B Unit Admission Result has been released. Now its time for the final admission. After publishing the DU B Unit Result, DU authority is going for the next step. The final admission means, merit list students will submit subject choice application form.

Note: Those have applied for quota, must submit relevant documents regarding to the quota. If any quota applicant fails to show proper documents then his admission will be expelled.

DU B Unit Admission Test Result 2024

Seat Number:

There are total of 2931 seats under B Unit. The Humanities students will cover the most number of seats- 1707. Moreover, 944 students from science background and 243 students from business studies background will be taken for this B unit.

Finally after many days waiting, the DU B Unit Admission Test Result 2024 has been released. The DU B Unit Result 2024 is already available for every students. Today all the candidates have got to know about their results. Some are truly happy to see their good merit position in the result portal. However, now these students will go for the subject choice form. So, you have to know the subject list under B Unit. You should check the subject list to know the details.

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