EPS BOESL Gov BD Registration 2024 – Korea Lottery

EPS BOESL Gov BD 2024 – The Korea Lottery Registration has been started March 4, 2024 at 10 AM. BOESL EPS Korea Lottery Registration Lottery Based – 12,400 candidates are selected. Well, the lottery based application will start till 5th March at 5PM. The details are described here.


Hurray!! The South Korea Lottery has been started for 2024. There are a huge number of young people who are looking for South Korea Visa for a bright future. This is really a good opportunity for the young people. The Korean Lottery Circular 2024 has been published. The procedure is already started.

BOESL EPS Korea Lottery Registration 2024

The exam date for the applicants are already announced by the BOESL authority. Well, this Korean Lottery visa is great opportunity, but many of the applicant miss it because less knowledge. So, read the full circular and the notices.

One must have a valid passport for the application. Also, he has to pass SSC/Equivalent exam. Therefor, there are some requirements for the visa application. The Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Service Limited authority has already released the notices about it.

EPS BOESL Gov BD Registration 2024

The BOESL notice says that the applicant must be ready for 3D work. Here, 3D means, Difficult, Dirty and Dangerous work. So, the person has to be stronger enough to do hard work.

Some applicants may face suffering during the BKash payment. So, here is the complete description for the Bkash payment.

You should know that the exam will be taken in three steps. The first step is the language test known as EPS BOESL Gov BD UBT. Take a look at the steps of the exam:

  • 1st Round- the language test (UBT)
  • 2nd Round- Skill test + Competency Test
  • 3rd Round- Obtained marks evaluation

One person must be passed in all these exam steps for getting the South Korea Lottery visa. The second round test is for measuring the person for either he is capable for hard work or not.

Registration Procedure:

  • Visit the official website of EPS-TOPIK registration
  • Given your passport number and TXD number.
  • Fill out the online registration form with accurate information.
  • Upload any required documents, such Passport Copy and Photo.

Once your application form is complete and all required documents are uploaded, you should be able to apply for the EPS Korea lottery through the website. Upload any necessary documents as per the instructions provided on the website. This might include a scanned copy of your passport, and Photo.

Korea Lottery Application

The Korea Lottery Application 2024 has to be done through eps boesl gov bd website. The website is only opened when the application is started.

Before you start application, you should be sure that you are eligible for the application. The EPS Topic CBT is for anyone but there are requirements.

These people are not allowed for the Dokhin Korea Lottery:

  • Color blind people
  • Drug addicted people
  • Those are under punishment by the govt.
  • Those have stayed in Korea illegally are not allowed
  • Those have prohibited to leave Bangladesh

Students apply Korea Lottery Registration Online All eligible candidates can be apply through eps website with 500 bkash registration fee.

Korea Lottery 2024

The Korea Lottery Application will start on March month. So, if you are going to apply for the visa, then take preparation from now. You can visit the official site EPS BOESL Gov BD for the latest updates. First of all, you must have a valid passport having enough expiration date. Your NID and the passport should match same to same having exact information.

Test Exam date:

Exam NameSchedule
Language Test11 March to 22 May
Competency Test03 June to 07 June
Skill Test19 June to 01 July

The final Result may be published on: 7 March 2024 at 11 AM.

It’s important for applicants to carefully read and understand all notices BOESL. South Korea Visa Lottery for Bangladesh passport holder candidates apply for lottery.

BOESL EPS UBT Registration

A huge number of people have been waiting for this Dokhin Korea Lottery 2024. Those have learned language have already submitted application. The BOESL EPS UBT Registration is quite sensitive, you must be careful while completing the registration.

Exam Mark Distribution:

Question typeQuestionsMarksDuration
Reading2010025 minutes
Listening2010025 minutes
Total4020050 minutes

BOESL BKash Payment

The Bkash payment is a headache for the applicants. On the application day, students really suffer to make the payment. But if you keep patience and follow the proper rules, then it becomes easy for you to make the payment.

Follow the process:

  • Go to Bkash App
  • Enter to Education Fee
  • Type BOESL and click on it
  • Enter your Submission ID
  • Then you will see the amount and make the payment

South Korea Visa Lottery for Bangladesh

BOESL authority publishes notice of Korean Lottery For Bangladesh every year. This year, the  South Korea Visa Lottery for Bangladesh is published on 4th March 2024. The language skilled notice and the lottery system notice is announced simultaneously.

Complete your Korea Lottery Application through EPS BOESL Gov BD Registration portal. The website is opened when the application is started. Make the passport scanner copy and your passport size photo ready before you complete BOESL EPS UBT Registration. It is better to take help from someone expert who have good knowledge about it.

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