GCC Medical Report Online Check – Status check by passport

Want to GCC Medical Report Online Check? The medical report is the most essential thing for one person who wants to fly to GCC integrated countries. GAMCA Medical Report Check can be checked from here. By passport number or by wafid slip number you can check the GCC Medical Report online.

Usually, medical report of GAMCA is issued within three or four days. But sometimes authority may take more time to issue the report. However, you may search here for the report if it has been issued or not. People of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries can check GCC Medical report from here.

GCC Medical Report Online Check

In 2023, it is quite easy to find out the GCC Medical Test Report. The is the website where GAMCA Medical Reports are issued and provided for the visa applicants.

gcc medical report GCC Medical Report Online Check - Status check by passport

You will see ‘FIT’ in the report if everything is okay. Several types of tests are taken to measure whether you are mentally & physically fit or not. If you are not ‘FIT’ then the embassy will not give you visa.

You can check your medical report by-

1) Passport number

2) Wafid Application Slip Number

The report will be in PDF format. You will get print copy of it and keep it in a safe place as you have to show it to the embassy to get the visa.

GAMCA Medical Report Check

Note: If you do not get ‘FIT’ in the medical fitness report, you will not get the travel or worker visa.

GCC stands for ‘Gulf Cooperation Council’. The countries of Persian Gulf areas are included in this coalition. If you wish to visit any of GAMCA country then you must have to go for a medical check up.

GCC countries are UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. This GAMCA Medical Report Check is valid for all these countries for work, residency and tourist visa. The body fitness check up is essential for the visa processing and passing the boarding pass.

GCC Medical Report Check Online By Passport Number

You can use your passport number to check out your GCC Medical Report. You must type the valid and correct passport number to get the report. If you type wrong passport number then the GCC Medical Report Online Check will not be shown.

gamca medical report check GCC Medical Report Online Check - Status check by passport

For your kind information, this medical test report will be valid for only three months. By this report, you can get visa of any GCC country.

How to GCC Medical Report Online Check?

At this time, it is not difficult to find the GAMCA Medical Test Report through online. You can check it check it by your mobile phone.

To check the GAMCA Medical Report:

  • Visit web portal
  • Enter your Passport number
  • Select your country name
  • Then submit to see report

If the passport number if correct, then your medical report will be shown there.

The report will be in PDF format, you will download the PDF file to see on your mobile phone or computer. The GAMCA Medical Result is now easily get. If you have done the medical fitness test, your report can be checked by here.

GCC Medical Report

There are various types of tests are taken. These tests are:

  • Hepatitis B surface antigen, HCV reactive.
  • Microfilaria
  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV/AIDS reactive.
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Neurological Disorder

The visa applicant must be fit in all these tests and be physically and mentally fully fit to be in a plane and fly for abroad. The report of Gamca medical test is very important for the abroad flight.

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) medical test reports are accepted in all GCC countries. But after reaching the country, the person has to go through medical test again. All applicants know her medical report online way on

GCC Medical Report Validity

  • GCC countries will accept this medical report within 90 days. You have to complete the visa process within this time otherwise you have to apply for the test again.

In previous time, the visa processing was a headache in many countries such as Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. But nowadays, each government has been aware in this passport and visa sector. In 2023, it is less time consuming to get a work visa than previous time.

Every year, plenty numbers of people from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan go to GCC countries under work visa. For them, it is necessary to GCC Medical Report Online Check to be confirmed about the medical report. If you have some other queries related to the GCC Medical Test then you can ask us.

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