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GST Admission Circular 2022 is now released from Now students can apply for GST from 15 June. All the eligible students submit your application for GST (General, Science and Technology) admission 2021-22 session. Apply link is here. You can apply with your SSC and HSC information by paying the fee for GST admission 2022 online.

The GST admission circular has been published by GST committee today. They announced that the application will start from 15 June, 2022 10:00AM in the morning. All the details about GST admission like GST Admission process, GST admission requirements, GST admission deadline, GST admission fee, GST Universities, GST admission test 2022 date etc. are given in this post.

GST Admission Circular 2022

In the previous year, students had to primary application for GST. Then authority published the eligible list for admission test. But this year there will be no primary application or eligible list for final admission test. All the students who meets the requirements can sit for the admission test for GST.

There are many students who are waiting for the GST admission circular. There are 23 Universities included in GST combined group. So students can give admission test for all these universities at the same time. It is a advantage of GST. No student can lose this chance. All the universities which are in the GST are renowned public University of Our country.

GST Application 2021-2022

GST offers Honours Graduation admission for all the Intermediate pass students. Students who passed HSC in 2021 now are interested to apply for GST admission test. From GST Admission Circular they can apply for a total of 23 Public University in a single term. It is like a golden chance for the applicants.

GST Application : 15 June to 25 June, 2022

GST Admission Test date:

A unit – 30 July, 2022

B unit – 13 August, 2022

C unit – 20 August, 2022

Exam Time: 1 hour

GST Application Result: Not published

GST Application Fee: 1500tk for each unit.

From the GST admission Circular we can know that students can apply for GST in web page. The Update news says that this year GST applicant number will be more than previous years. It is because this year all the students has a good score in HSC exam. It  increased their confidence for GST admission 2022.

Those students who were waiting for the GST admission circular publication now will be happy because now it is available. You are getting all information about GST admission. Also you can get the admission circular for GST.

GST Admission Circular PDF Download

Now the GST Admission Circular is published and available on this website. The PDF version is also available. You can download the GST admission Circular PDF file from here. It means you can save the circular in your device.

There are some requirements needed to be fulfilled for application on GST. If you fulfill these requirements you will be able to apply for GST admission test. But first you need to know these GST admission Requirements. After that you can know if you can apply for GST or not. The Requirements are given below.

GST (General, Science and Technology) admission is starting for the students. Students are able to complete their application from 15 June. As this year there will be no primary selection, so all the eligible candidates can take part in the admission test.

GST Admission Requirements

In case of application for GST, you have to know the admission requirements. Most of the students dont know these things. So after knowing these requirements some students will not be able to apply for GST 2022. here is all information given as it was in the GST admission circular 2021-22 session.

Students who passed HSC in 2020 or 2021 and passed SSC in 2018 or 2019 will be applicable for GST admission 2021-22 session. But there are also unit wise requirements. Here are the Requirements for GST:

GST A unit: Applicants need a total GPA of 8.00 in SSC and HSC. Individually needs minimum GPA 3.50 in both SSC and HSC exam. Students from any educational board Science Group, Madrasa Board (Science Group) and Vocational can apply in this A unit.

GST B unit: Students from Any educational Board Humanities Group can apply in this B unit.          Applicant need total GPA 6.00 in SSC and HSC exam. Individually needs minimum GPA 3.00 in Both SSC and HSC.

GST C unit: C unit is for Business Studies group. Student from Any Educational Board Business Study group can apply for C unit. He / She needs total GPA 6.50 in SSC and HSC. Individually need minimum GPA 3.00 in both SSC and HSC.

After you know the requirements, if you think you are eligible for the GST admission you can apply for it. The admission web site of GST is gstadmission ac bd. So if you are interested for GST application you have to complete your application now. Read the full circular to know more details.

Now the GST admission circular has been released. You can read the full circular to know everything or you will find the information about GST admission from here. Here we are providing all the details about GST admission 2022. If you complete the full requirements you can apply for the GST.

GST Application on

The GST Application Process is simple. We are providing the application process which is informed in the GST admission Circular 2022. If you know how to apply for GST you can do it better. Candidates dont know about the application process. So they face problem during application. The GST application method is given here:

After you follow the given rules your admission process will be completed online. Read the full process carefully from here.DOnt make any kind of mistake in the admission. Your mistakes cant be recover after the admission complete.

  • You have to visit the official website of
  • You will find a option “New Application” Click on that option.
  • There you can see a application form
  • You have to fill the form
  • Give your all the information of SSC and HSC exam
  • Prepare your recent photo and provide your photo and signature.
  • Read all the information you given
  • Click on ”Submit” option.

Check the latest information about the guccho admission test. Also check the application process for GST admission this year. Because there are many changes in the system. Read the full article to know more about GST.

In the previous year there were 20 universities included for GST. But this year there are 3 new universities and total 22 public universities in GST Admission. So you can apply for 23 public Universities at the same time in GST admission in 2022.

GST (Genereal, Science and Technology) application has been started. All the interested students can apply online. They have to just upload their photo and select their exam venue. After the payment their application will be done. If the payment is not done till 25 June the application will not be accepted.

You can submit your application for gst from 15 June. Complete your application before 25 June. if you face any problem you can solve during the time, if you apply early. Dont wait for the deadline. It is like an advantage.

GST admission has been started from 15 June.

GST Admission 2022

After you apply for GST admission you can sit for the admission test. If you pass the admission exam GST committee will suggest your university. Then you can chose your desire university. GST exam will be started in 12:00AM and the exam will be end in 1:00PM. Student will get 1 hour for the 100 marks admission test. In one hour candidates have to complete their exam.

Students were searching for their GST admission circular for 2021-22 session. When the circular is published all the candidates were happy to see the circular. Candidates can apply to their GST admission from 15 June. The deadline is 25 June.

From the GST admission circular we can know that, this year there will be a lot of candidates in the admission test. If you want to get a seat from GST you have to take a good preparation. The GST admission is a easy way if you fulfill all the requirements. This year the GST admission time is 15 June to 25 June. So submit your application within this time.

The GST admission Result will be provided after few days from the admission test date. So you have to wait for some days when the exam is finished. Then you will get your result here. So Read the GST Admission Circular to know more information about admission test 2022-23.

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