GST Admission Result 2023 C Unit – গুচ্ছ ভর্তি রেজাল্ট

GST Admission Result 2023 C unit has been released. The GST C Unit Result is available here. Every candidate can find his individual merit score from here. is the admission portal where the GST C Unit Admission Result 2023 is available.

The GST C unit admission test is held on 27 May. This is the GST C Unit Merit List Result published by the authority. You will see your merit score and the merit position.

The passing rate, highest mark and lowest mark etc. important information are mentioned here. Check out your result from here.


GST Admission Result 2023

C unit result has been released. 53, 296 candidates have passed.

The candidates of C unit can check out their results from our website. To see your result, you have to login with application ID and password. Moreover, your detailed result including each subject marks can be seen there.

Update: Sisrat Jahan has get the highest mark by obtaining 93 mark in the admission test.

Today students check GST C Unit Admission Result 2023 on gstadmission ac bd. This year, the C unit GST Admission Result passing rate is not so good. However, only the successful candidates will go for the next step.

A lot of candidates have attended the admission test for C unit from humanities group. It is to be mentioned that there have been 20 exam centers where the C unit admission test has been held.

GST C Unit Result 2023

You will find your GST Admission Result 2023 from the official website portal. The merit score and your merit position are important for you. The final admission will start after publishing all unit admission result. Your excitement may have gone high since you have heard about the GST C Unit Admission Result publication. Guccho GA Unit admission test Result 2023 is now available here and all the candidates can know their results. result

Login by entering ID and password, you will see your C Unit result. Some students may have lost Application ID or password. Luckily, you can recover your password and ID through

Unluckily, some students could not pass the test only for 1 or 2 mark. The pass mark is 40 but most of the candidates could not pass the admission test. But it doesn’t matter, if you don’t pass the admission test you will not be allowed to apply for the final admission.

There are many candidates who want to know How to check GST C Unit result? The instructions are mentioned here so that you can check result.

How to Check GST Result GA Unit?

The C Unit is for Humanities students. Students can check out their Guccho C Unit Admission Result.

To check GST Result-

  • Visit the admission portal
  • Login there with ID and password
  • Then check your detailed result

For your kind information, your detailed result with subject wise marks will be seen there. The merit position will be mentioned there and also the merit score will be visible.

Guccho C unit Merit list 2023 has been already published here. C unit candidates are going to know their results. Congratulations to the candidates who have passed the admission test. The successful candidates will apply for the final admission.

GST C Unit Merit List Result 2023

GST Admission Test Result 2022-23 is already here. C unit candidates can find their results with individual subject wise marks. The GST Admission Result 2023 C Unit is now available on the admission website, with Marks. The C unit candidates now can see their merit position.

For your kind information, GST has released a notice on portal. That notice is about the GST Result GA Unit and it provides all the information related to C unit result. The passing rate, total candidates, total passed and total failed.

GST Admission Test Result PDF Download

The C unit admission test has been taken on 27 May. It was started at 12:00 PM and continued till 01:00 PM. 98% applicants have participated in the admission test. But I think the passing rate is not enough. Because, most of the candidates could not obtain the pass mark and it is not good.

After the admission test, GST authority decided to publish the result within a short time. The candidates now can find out their results from here. Just by login into the admission portal, every student can know his/her results with subject wise marks.

Guccho Admission Result C Unit

100 mark admission is taken in MCQ method. But the matter of fear for the students is negative marking. There are many students who did not passed the test only because of negative marking.

Most of the candidates could not obtain the pass mark in the admission test. The admission test is taken for 100 mark and one candidate has to obtain minimum 40 marks to pass admission test.

What to do next: If you are successfully passed in the admission test, then you will wait for the next notice. GST Admission Result 2023 is now available. GST authority will introduce the final admission notice for the candidates.

In this GST admission system, the merit position is very important for the admission system. The candidate who has good merit position will get his desire university.

Here, the students have seen their GST C Unit Merit List Result from here. The final admission will be start few days later. That time you will apply for your desired GST affiliated universities.

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