Highest Marks/Lowest Marks in Medical Admission Test 2024

Now we will be talking about the highest marks obtained in Medical Admission Result 2024. This year many students applied for the admission. There were many good students who got GPA 5.00 in HSC exam. They want Highest Marks/Lowest Marks in Medical Admission Test 2024. The highest mark and the lowest mark is mentioned by the student name.

Highest mark Medical Admission Test

Highest Marks in Medical Admission Test 2024 Some students say they will get 65-70 marks from the 100 marks exam. But it is not so easy because there are number subtraction for every wrong answer. That is why some students expect to get a good score but do not get.

Highest Marks in Medical admission Test 2024

If we talk about the 300 mark it can be said that highest mark is always 250+ in the result. 300 marks means 100 mark exam + 200 marks of SSC and HSC GPA. Previous year the highest mark was 268.50 in 2023-24 session. The name of the student who has got the highest mark is still an interest for all the medical candidates. However, the name is already announced.

The average passing mark we all know about it. This year the exam was held for 100 marks. There was 100 MCQ questions. Students had 1 hour to finish the exam. As the time is low students can not answer all the right answer.

Medical Admission Test Result: result dghs gov bd

Medical Highest Mark and Lowest mark 2024

  • 2023-24 session highest marks: 92.5 (written test)
  • Total marks: 292.5

We are showing you previous year’s Highest mark and lowest mark:

Highest MarksYearLowest Marks

This highest mark is changes every year. This year there are increased number of applicants in medical admission test, we can predict that this year the highest mark will be more than previous years.

Medical Highest Mark

Every year many students apply for admission test. But not all the students pass. The pass number is 40 out of 100 but most of the students can not pass. Previous year passing rate is 39.06%.


There are some subjects included in medical admission. English, Bangla, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General knowledge etc are subjects in medical admission. Students have to gain knowledge for these subjects if he wants to pass the test.

Medical Lowest Marks

According to the notice, this year, increased number of students have applied. Thats because this year, there was more number of GPA-5 from all education boards.

As the medical admission result has been published today we will be able to know the highest mark this year. This year passing rate may be decrease because there is a large number of candidates applied for medical.

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