Admission HSC Admission Confirmation 2023

HSC Admission 2023 3rd merit list is published on 18th January, 2023. HSC Admission Confirmation start from the next day by the Ministry of Education. The students who have got college in the third merit will confirm the selection. Both govt and non govt XI Class Admission Results is published together. Students are able conformation her Class Admission Result from the www xiclassadmission gov bd website.

Students login with your SSC Roll, Registration and passing year to view your result from XI Class Admission System website. After login students check her admission result and need to confirmation by paying the fee. The confirmation fee can be paid through bkash, nagad, rocket and other mobile banking.

Students those have got college in the third merit list will confirm on 19 to 20January. The confirmation fee 328 tk can be paid through mobile banking.


HSC Admission Confirmation 2023

On 18 January, HSC Admission Result 2023 3rd Merit list published now selected candidates will complete confirmation for the nominated college. One applicant gets nomination to any college according to his/her preference. Ministry of Education has announced the Admission confirmation process for XI Class Admission.

  • 1st Merit list Result: 31 December, 2022
  • 2nd Merit List Result: 12 January, 2023
  • 3rd Merit List Result: 18 January
  • Final Admission: 22 January to 26 January

If your college is changed through the 2nd migration, then you don’t need to HSC Admission Confirmation again. You just have to complete admission in the changed college. The HSC admission 3rd merit is completed and result is published.

HSC Admission Confirmation Process

You also need to check HSC Admission Migration Result. After confirmation students will get the benefits of migration automatically. You cannot turn off the migration because it is automatically turned on. But if you get the first choice of your preference list then migration is not for you. The first step is already finished.

The HSC admission result 2023 is live from 08 Pm at night. Ministry of Education will inform the HSC Admission 3rd Merit List selected candidate through a short SMS. But in case if you don’t receive SMS then you can be confirmed by checking HSC College XI Class Admission Result 3rd Merit list from online. Students simply check the final merit list and second migration for the XI Class admission.

The confirmation process is to pay the fee. You can use mobile banking system to pay the confirmation fee. But remember, once you pay the confirmation fee you will not be able to apply in the next merit. But you will get the benefit of migration. Before that check your HSC Admission 3rd Merit list Result from the portal.

www xiclassadmission gov bd

You should know that, selection HSC Admission Confirmation is not the end of the XI Class Admission System website. One candidate must complete admission by going to the college office within the given time 22 January to 26 January, 2023. The college name will be visible there in the result portal after student’s login.

Students get only two days to complete the confirmation. HSC 3rd Merit confirmation starts from from 19 January and it will be completed within 20 January. So, you have to confirm within this short period. If you don’t confirm your selection/nomination then your first phase selection will be lost.

Some candidates did not get any college still in the 3rd Merit list, what would they do? The answer is-they will do nothing but waiting. Some students are confused about how to check the result from online. Luckily, here we have described how students will find their results from online. Every student will know his second and last migration result today. After then, the final admission will start. You will get admission in the college which you have given through migration.

HSC College Confirmation 2023

Though most of the students will be selected in the first phase merit list but a few students will not be selected. So, they have to apply once again in the last phase. You may know that the first phase migration result will be published simultaneously with the final phase result. Then the HSC Admission Confirmation starts.

Third Merit online application was continued on 16 January. So, the result of third merit has been released on 18 January. That means the 2nd merit migration result is published. So students those have got college in the 2nd merit will get their college change result today. If you get college then complete the final admission.

If you don’t like your allocated college then don’t confirm and apply in the next phase. You can put the same college preference order in the 3rd phase apply; there is no restrictions. But keep in mind that the seat number will decrease. However, the final admission date is 22 January to 26 January, 2023.

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