HSC Mark Distribution 2024 [নতুন মানবন্টন] All Subject

HSC mark distribution 2024 has been announced from the education ministry Dr. Dipu Moni. Today we are gonna discuss the mark distribution of the HSC Exam 2024. Here you can found each subject wise distribution for the HSC 2024 exam PDF.

This year, the HSC exam will be held for 100 marks. Students of class XII are searching for their HSC 2024 mark distribution. Because they are not sure about it. Education ministry changed the mark distribution system this year. But now the final mark distribution of the HSC exam is now published. You can see it on this website with details.

HSC Mark Distribution 2024

Note: Recently, ICT Mark Distribution has been changed. 75 marks exam will be taken instead of 100 marks.

The subjects that have practical will be taken exam for 75 marks. The rest of 25 marks will be taken through practical exam. HSC 2024 mark distribution is the most important thing for the candidates. Students can take good preparation for exams if they know the mark distribution.

This year the exam is going to be held. So students should know the mark distribution for the HSC Exam. Today students know her HSC Mark Distribution 2024 as a new syllabus.

Every year the HSC exam is held with 100 marks for all subjects. But this year students faced problems for their studies. So the education board decided to reduce the syllabus for candidates than published HSC Mark Distribution 2024. This year the HSC Mark distribution is different than other years.

HSC Marks Distribution

HSC Exam New Marks Distribution System. HSC-2024 candidates exam marks and new syllabus. Alim Exam 2024 Syllabus PDF Download.

Mark Distribution for all Subjects of HSC exam

  • Full Marks: 100
  • Written Part: 70 (7 Creative questions)
  • MCQ Part: 30 (30 MCQs)
Total TimeCreative QuestionMCQ Question
3 Hour2 Hour and 30 Minutes30 Minutes

Here you will find Science Group marks distribution, Commerce group marks distribution, Humanities group mark distribution for HSC Exam and mark distribution for 2024. Read this full post to know all the details about upcoming HSC exam.

As the HSC Exam of 2024 is knocking on the door, students are worried about their exam. So they want to know the hsc mark distribution. But they could not find the proper mark distribution because there is a lot of fake news about it. But we published the real and final mark distribution for the Upcoming HSC exam.

HSC Exam Mark Distribution 2024

This year there are 100 marks in the HSC exam marks Distribution. There will be 11 creative questions in the question paper. Students have to answer 7 questions. Each question is for 10 marks. Moreover there will be 30 multiple choice questions (MCQ). Examine has to answer 30 MCQs and each answer consists of 1 mark. 70+30 = 100 is the mark distribution for this year’s HSC exam.

The subject with practical:

The subjects which have practical, the written exam will be taken for 75 marks. The rest 25 marks will come from the practical exam mark.

HSC New Mark Distribution 2024 all education board in Bangladesh. 2024 HSC exam will be held for 3 hours. The exam will start at 10 AM and end on 01 PM. The mark distribution is a big part of the exam. So, all the candidates should know this mark distribution for their upcoming exam.

HSC 2024 New Marks Distribution

Education Ministry decided to reduce the syllabus so that students can take proper preparation for their HSC Mark Distribution. It was a great decision for students because they could not study for few months due to coronavirus. This method will help students to get a good GPA in HSC exam.

There will be 3 hours for each exam this year. This two hour is enough for students to answer the full marks.  Students will have 2 hour and 30 minutes for the creative question part and 30 minutes for the MCQ part.

Humanities students and Commerce students will have to answer a total of 100 marks. Because they have no practical exam. But Science students are practical in many subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. subjects have practical exams. So students will have 75 marks on the exam in these subjects. The rest of the 25 marks will be from the practical exam.

All Subjects Marks Distribution of HSC Exam 2024

You should know the HSC mark distribution for the upcoming exam. It will help you to give a good exam for your group subjects. Only science students have practical exam.

Humanities and Commerce students HSC mark distribution is same but for science students is  different. Science students have to answer 7 creative questions and 30 MCQ questions for the HSC Exam 2024.

Recently the HSC Mark distribution for HSC Exam 2024 has been published by the education board of Bangladesh. They announce all the information like Exam time, Exam subjects, mark distribution etc. everything. They announced it on their official website.

You can  see all the marks distribution of the HSC exam 2024. HSC Marks distribution is important for all the candidates. You can share this post to your friends so that they can also know the hsc mark distribution 2024.

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