Ramadan Calendar 2024 Bangladesh PDF (Sehri & Iftar Time)

Ramadan 2024 is knocking at the door so all are people want to download Ramadan Calendar 2024 Bangladesh PDF. All the muslims are waiting for this holy month. In this month Muslims celebrate Ramadan with fasting. They keep fast for the whole Ramadan month. Fast start from the time of Fajar at midnight and fast ends in the time of Maghrib at evening. We will provide the Ramadan calendar of 2024 so you can download it.

Ramadan Calendar 2024

Everybody seems to be happy when Ramadan comes. In Ramadan it is must for adults to keep fast at day. But if you are ill or you are physically weak to keep fast then you can skip it. But all the muslims together celebrates Ramadan month with fasting.

Ramadan gives all the muslims happiness. Even small childrens be happy when they hear of Ramadan coming. Those who are adult keeps fast for at day and at evening they together complete the fast with iftar.

As In Ramadan calendar month muslims have to take sehri and iftar they have to maintain the time. Because Fast is completely dependent on time. That’s why all the muslims search for the time table of Ramadan month. So we are giving you the Iftar and Sehri Time of Ramadan month this year. You can get it and you can also download it from here so that you can see it anytime.

Ramadan Calendar 2024 PDF

Every year Islamic Foundation Publishes the Time table of Ramadan Calendar on, Iftar and Sehri for Ramadan Month. This year 2024 also they published the time. We published the Ramadan time table as Islamic Foundation did. So If you are searching for the Ramadan Time table of 2024 you can get it from here. If you are searching for Ramadan Calendar 2024 you will get it from this website.

Ramadan Calendar Seheri and Iftar Time

Islamic Foundation said 3rd April will be the first Ramadan of 2024. But it depends on Moon sight. But In 2nd April we could see the moon of Ramadan and become sure that 3rd April is the first Ramadan of this year. First Ramadan Is Sunday in Bangladesh. Islamic Foundation said the last time of First Ramadan is 04:27 am. All the muslims will wake up at midnight and eat some food for Sehri. They will keep fast for the whole day and at evening they will have their iftar at  the time of Maghrib. The Time table of Ramadan is given below:

1st 10 Days
RamadanDayApril/MaySehri time (am)Iftar time (pm)
1Sunday03 April 04:27 06:19
2Monday04 04:26 06:19
3Tuesday05 04:24 06:20
4Wednesday06 04:24 06:20
5Thursday07 04:23 06:21
6Friday08 04:22 06:21
7Saturday09 04:21 06:21
8Sunday10 04:20 06:22
9Monday11 04:19 06:22
10Tuesday12 04:18 06:23
2nd 10 Days
11Wednesday13 04:1706:23
3rd 10 Days
29Sunday01 May03:5906:31
30Monday02 May03:5806:31

In Ramadan Month Muslims spend their day doing prayer for Almighty. They resite Quran and They do jikir in the day time. And at night after Esha they take the Salah of Tarabih. Every Muslim Keeps fast with a joyfull mind because after whole year Ramadan have come. Ramadan Calendar

Eid Mubarak Bangla SMS

From the moon sighting organization we heard that on 2nd April we could see the moon and 3rd April is the first Ramadan. After one month of Ramadan people wait for the Eid-Ul-Fitre. During Eid people hug each other forgetting all the mistakes. Everyone looks happy. This year the EId could be in 2 or 3 May. It depends on the moon. Because Arabic months count their days with the moon. Sometimes the moon month is 29 days and sometime it 30 days. So nobody can say in which day the Eid will be held.

But all the people simply keeps fast and wait for the Eid.

The Ramadan Calendar is for Dhaka district. All the people of many districts wants their district Ramadan calendar. That’s why we published it for all the districts of Our country. You will get your district’s Ramadan calendar in this website.

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