South Korea Lottery Registration 2023

South Korea Lottery Registration 2023 is started today 6th June by BOESL TOPIK authority. South Korea Registration can be done from here. EPS boesl gov bd Registration for the candidates who have applied and have been selected. Now they have to participate in the language and skill test exam.

Korea Lottery Registration has to be done through eps boesl gov bd website. Individual exam date is going to be announced. Before that, every candidate has to register for the next phase. On 27 March, individual exam date will be announced. Now kindly complete your registration from here. 


Korea Lottery Registration 2023

The Korea Lottery Registration notice is released on 2023. According to the notice, the BOESL EPS Korea Lottery Registration date announced here. Within this time, every selected candidate will pay the registration fee and complete registration. Candidate has to upload passport scan copy and his photo.

The EPS boesl gov bd Registration is released by the BOES Chairman Imran Ahmed. There is a notice for the photo and passport copy size. You must follow the size which is mentioned in the notice. Otherwise, your registration will not be accepted. Kindly read the instructions of registration to know every detail.

EPS-TOPIK CBT Online Registration 2023

The amount for the registration is 3600 tk. 3100 is the fixed registration fee and 500 tk is online fee. The fee of EPS-TOPIK CBT Online Registration has to be paid through mobile banking system. The registration is a complex system. You have to understand the method before you submit the application.

There will be total three step test for the candidates. First round, second round and third round will be held. One candidate must pass in these entire tests. First, the language test will be held. Then the skill test will be held. 

South Korea Registration 2023

Your documents will be checked and verified a few times. If the authority finds any mistake or wrong information then your registration will be dismissed. And you will be responsible for this. 

South Korea Registration for 2023 lottery is started already. Individual exam time will be announced by BOES authority. You must submit a few documents which are required for the lottery process. These are required:

  • Experience Certificate
  • Training Certificate
  • Academic Certificate
  • National Certificate

You must provide these documents at the exam time. Moreover, these documents should be valid and accurate. Read the full notice from here, then submit your registration.

EPS boesl gov bd Registration

if you want to register for BOESL Korean Visa, you have to fill up the online registration on Eps korea gov bd. Korea Lottery Registration exam date and time are announced through the BOES notice.

If you don’t complete the registration within the given time then your application will be dismissed. That’s why you must complete registration. Moreover, you must be careful to enter all the valid information.

Those candidates who will pass these two rounds will be called for the next steps. There will be language test and skill test. All Korea lottery candidates apply through online and payment complete by Bkash mobile banking.

BOESL Korea Registration 2023

Korea Lottery Registration 2023 is now available for all the candidates who have been selected in the lottery. There were two types of lottery, those who know language and those who don’t know language. Total of 20 thousands people are being recruited through this BOESL Korea Registration. 

Application procedure:

  • Go to website
  • Enter your passport number and transaction ID
  • Clear the captcha and press ‘Next’
  • Then enter your name, date of birth, passport issue and expiry date, NID number etc.
  • Details should be given as per passport
  • Then select sub-category work
  • Re-check all details you have entered and press ‘Submit

There are a huge number of applicants who are going to register. But unfortunately, some of them will not be able to go to Korea. However, you must complete the BOESL EPS Korea Lottery Registration within the given time. From here, you can complete the Korea Work Visa lottery registration. Also you get the guideline to pay the fee through mobile banking.

BOESL EPS Korea Lottery Registration

Eps boesl gov bd is the official website to complete the registration. Every candidate will complete registration through this portal. You must take your original passport at the exam time. Photocopy of the passport will not be accepted. 

Your photo and passport scan copy size:

  • Photo: 270×349 pixels and the file size should be below 14 KB
  • Passport: 600×403 pixels and the file size should be below 60 KB

Now the BOESL EPS Korea Lottery Registration has been started. All the applicants have to register and be prepared for the language test and skill test. 

Korea EPS TOPIK Registration is now available. After completing the registration you will attend in the two rounds test which will be held by BOESL.

After South Korea Registration 2023, your exam date will be announced through a notice on eps boesl gov bd. Keep visiting to know all the update information. You must be aware of the updates from BOESL authority.

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