SSC Result 2024 Passing Rate Published

SSC Result 2024 Passing Rate is 80.39 %. This year, the passing rate of SSC Result has down than previous year. Professor Tapan Kumar Sarker, chairman of Dhaka Education Board confirmed the SSC Result publication.

Our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced the SSC Result 2024 Pass Percentage for all education boards. Before that, Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni has handed the result to the 10 AM. Then she announced the result for one-by-one boards.

SSC Result 2024

The average passing rate is 80.39%. The highest passing rate is hold by Barisal Board (90%). But the highest number of GPA-5 is under Dhaka Education Board (46 thousands) as it happens every year.

According to the estimate, a total of 20 lakh and 34 thousands students have participated in the SSC Exam. These students are from 29640 institutions under 11 education boards in all over the country.

SSC Result Passing Rate

Among 20 lakh 34 thousands candidates, 16 lakh and 43 thousands have successfully passed. Female students are ahead of the passing rate as well as the GPA-5 than the male students.

For all the candidates, SSC Passing rate is an important thing. Students and teacher wait to know this passing rate of SSC Exam.

Highest Marks in SSC Exam Bangladesh

The name of the student who has got the highest mark is to be announced. The name will be announced on the press conference. In previous year, a student of Bogra District obtained the highest mark in all over the country.

SSC Result 2024 Statistics

The result publication ceremony has been held on the International Mother Language Institution. Now students know result of SSC examination 2024. All board chairmen were present there when result announced.

Take a look at the detailed statistics of the SSC 2024 Result:

  • Total Candidates: 20,34,563
  • Successfully Passed: 17,43,619
    • Male: 8,70,256
    • Female: 8,80,741
  • Failed: 2,90,412
  • Total GPA-5: 2,69,502

In previous year, the passing rate was 87% and this year it is 80.39%. By percentage, 32% less candidates have got GPA-5 this year.

Board Wise Result Analytics

See all education board passing rate and GPA-5-

Board NamePassing RateTotal GPA-5
Dhaka Board77.55%46, 303
Rajshahi Board87.89%26, 877
Cumilla Board78.42%11, 623
Jessore Board86.17%20, 617
Chittagong Board78.28%11, 450
Barisal Board90.18%6, 311
Sylhet Board74.06%5, 452
Dinajpur Board76.87%17, 410
Mymensingh Bord85.49%13, 177
Technical Board86.35%18, 145
Madrasah Board74.70%6, 213

Bangladesh SSC Board result summary sheet visible here. In 2024, Jessore Board has the highest passing rate. Here, 9 General board, Madrasa Board and Technical Board result detailed information are shown-

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2024

  • Total Candidates: 416426 (196128 male and 220298 female)
  • Passed: 322932 (147802 male and 175130 female)
  • Passing Rate: 77.55%
  • GPA-5: 46303

Note: Dhaka Board holds the highest number of GPA-5. At the same time, many institutions of Dhaka Board have hold 100% of passing rate with pride.

Comilla Board SSC Result 2024

  • Total Candidates: 182637 (77102 male and 105535 female)
  • Passed: 143216 (60747 male and 82469 female)
  • Passing Rate: 78.82%
  • GPA-5: 11623

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2024

  • Total Candidates: 109532 (45283 male and 64249 female)
  • Passed: 83306 (33909 male and 49397 female)
  • Passing Rate: 76.06%
  • GPA-5: 5452

Note: Sylhet Education Board has the worst result this year.

Jessore Board Result SSC 2024

  • Total Candidates: 155759 (78004 male and 77755 female)
  • Passed: 134213 (65136 male and 69077 female)
  • Passing Rate: 86.17%
  • GPA-5: 20617

Note: Jessore Board has the highest result by holding passing rate of 95%.

Chittagong Board Result

  • Total Candidates: 153383 (67892 male and 85491 female)
  • Passed: 120086 (52785 male and 67301 female)
  • Passing Rate: 78.29%
  • GPA-5: 11450

Rajshai Board Result

  • Total Candidates: 203636 (105575 male and 98061 female)
  • Passed: 178958 (90628 male and 88330 female)
  • Passing Rate: 87.88%
  • GPA-5: 26877

Barisal Board Result

  • Total Candidates: 90196 (43160 male and 47036 female)
  • Passed: 81339 (38093 male and 43246 female)
  • Passing Rate: 90.18%
  • GPA-5: 6311

Dinajpur Board Result

  • Total Candidates: 199568 (101112 male and 98456 female)
  • Passed: 153349 (74380 male and 78969 female)
  • Passing Rate: 76.84%
  • GPA-5: 17410

Mymensingh Board Result

  • Total Candidates: 123610 (62792 male and 60818 female)
  • Passed: 105066 (52598 male and 52468 female)
  • Passing Rate: 85%
  • GPA-5: 13177

Madrasah Board/Dakhil Result

  • Total Candidates: 285087 (139655 male and 145432 female)
  • Passed: 213883 (103377 male and 110506 female)
  • Passing Rate: 74.7%
  • GPA-5: 6213

Technical Board/Vocational Result

  • Total Candidates: 128023 (97539 male and 30484 female)
  • Passed: 106773 (80153 male and 26620 female)
  • Passing Rate: 843.6%
  • GPA-5: 18538

Male and Female Comparison

This year, over 20 lakhs of students have appeared in the exam under 11 education boards. Among them 17 lakh 43 thousands have passed. Girls are ahead of the boys by passing rate and GPA-5.

The passed number of boys is 8, 70,046 and the passed number of the girls is 8,73,573.

This year, 2,69,602 students have scored GPA-5. Among them, 1,48,446 female and 1,21,156 are male students. Overall, the female students have scored better result than the boys in this SSC Exam.

SSC 2024 Result Comparison to 2023

If you compare this year’s ssc result with the previous one then you will see that the passing rate has risen for 3%. The GPA-5 number is also raised.

In previous year, the total GPA-5 number was 2 lakh and 69 thousands. This year, it has risen up and the total GPA-5 number is 5 thousand more than the previous year.

Previous year, the best passing rate was hold by Jessore Board. This year, the best result is under by Rajshai Baord. At the same time, the worst result goes for Sylhet Board, passing rate of 76%.

Institutions with 100% passing rate

There are about 3000 institutions in the whole country which have 100% passing rate. That means, all the students under these institutions have passed.

At the same time, there are 50 institutions which having 0% of passing rate. That means, none of these students have successfully passed in the SSC Exam. The students of these schools could not obtain pass mark in all subjects, thus they all failed.

SSC Result 2024 FAQs

Q. Has the passing rate risen this year?

Answer: Yes, this year the passing rate has been risen.

Q. Which Board has got the Highest Passing Rate?

Answer: Jessore board has the highest passing rate.

Q. Which Board has got the most number of GPA-5?

Answer: Dhaka Board has the highest number of GPA-5.

Q. Which Board has the worst passing rate?

Answer: Sylhet Board has the worst passing rate.

Q. How many students have got A+ this year?

Answer: This year, 2 lakh and 74 thousands students have got A+.

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