XI Class HSC Admission 1st Merit Result 2024 – রেজাল্ট প্রকাশ

XI Class HSC Admission Result 2024 1st Merit List for every colleges is published. Every college is taking 2024-25 session student by following XI Class Admission System. By SMS and by online the HSC College Admission Result is published. From xiclassadmission gov bd Result, you can know your college name.

There will be XI Class Aadmission Result 2024 1st merit list, 2nd merit list, 3rd merit list and waiting list as well. If any student does not get their expected result in the HSC Admission 2024 Result, they have to wait till HSC Admission second merit. There will be migration for the first merit and second merit.

HSC Admission Result 2024

The HSC College Admission Result is published through official XI Admission website xiclassadmission gov bd. The college admission authority will inform the XI Admission Results of the applicants by mobile SMS. The SMS will be sent to the phone number which was given at the application time.

How to check HSC Admission Result 2024? Let me explain the process. You need to browse the website xiclassadmission gov bd result to know your allocated college name. There, you will need to enter your roll and reg. number to find out the result. Briefly, you need to provide SSC information to check HSC Admission 1st Merit List Result. In the result preview, you will your name and the college name there.

HSC College Admission Result

Govt and Non Govt Colleges HSC Admission Result Details are described here. Meanwhile the second merit list students will get migration for their preferred college. By migration, your college may change. So, you will look for the HSC Admission Result 2024 migration.

Merit List:

You have got college according to your SSC obtained GPA. Your subject wise marks are considered for the merit list. Your age is also considered when your GPS is same with another applicant. This is how the XI Class Admission Result merit list is made.

XI Class HSC Admission 2024 Result

Thousands of students did not get college in the second merit list. What to do if you did not get college? There will be two more phases for this 2024-25. The candidates will be able to apply for the next phase. XI Admission Result 2024 is published through official page which is under Education Ministry.

  • Online Application:
  • Second Merit List:
  • Confirmation time:
  • Confirmation TK: 335 tk

The students are often asked about which college they have got. Govt. colleges are desired by most of the students. There are many more seats available in compared to the applicant number. But for the huge number of applicants, three merit lists have to be occurred.

XI Class 2nd Merit Result 2024

xiclassadmission Result 2024 is available from 05 PM. If you have got college then you will receive SMS in your mobile phone. But if you do not get college them you will not get any SMS. But you can be confirmed about your HSC College Admission Result through the online portal.

To know your HSC Admission 1st Merit List Result:

  • At first, visit the result website xiclassadmission gov bd
  • Two empty box will appear
  • Enter your SSC Roll & Reg. Number
  • Submit to view the result

The merit list is available from 05 PM. Guardians are quite worried and excited to see the college name. They badly want their son/daughter gets the first chosen college in this second merit list. Every candidate wants to see his result first. That’s why all the applicants try to check XI Admission Result 2024 by browsing the portal.

HSC Admission Result 1st Merit List

Students have already checked Result from this portal. Some students may become happy to see their college name. But the students who did not get college have been sad. However, there is nothing to worry about, two other phases will be held for 2024-25 session admission. After finishing all the merit lists, then the final admission procedure will be started.

Your college may change by this migration. However, if you don’t confirm then you will not get migration and you will need to apply again. Each candidate has to apply individually and checks the result individually. After first phase, second phase and third phase the final admission will be started.

HSC Admission 1st Merit List Result

About 1.2 million students have submitted online application for the 2024 admission. Among them, most of the students got college according to their Grade point. Unluckily, many students did not get college in the XI Class Admission Result due to lower grades. But they will check the Xiclassadmission Gov BD Result second merit list to know college name.


The migration process is quite complex. But you need to understand this. There will be two migration result for this session. But if you have got first choice college then migration is not valid for you.

The final admission date is already announced by Education Ministry.

  • Final Admission:
  • Class Start:

The students who completed confirmation after getting HSC Admission Result 2024, will finish the admission process. For the final admission you need to follow some rules and formalities. You have to maintain the rules for the final admission.

HSC Admission Result 2024-2025

The last step of this 2024-25 session admission is the final admission. First merit, second merit and third merit students who have confirmed have to complete the final admission within the schedule. The final admission starts.

For the final admission you need to submit some documents. These are:

  • Original Transcript
  • Original Certificate
  • Online Admission form
  • Payment Receipt
  • Quota Documents (If have any)

Note: It is better to read your college notice for the admission. All the details and information are mentioned in the notice.

First Merit Migration Result and the second merit list will be released. Then the second migration result will be releasedr. The third merit confirmation starts from the next day. After then the final admission will be started.

Students, the HSC Admission Result 2024 second merit list is published. Complete the confirmation and wait for the final admission. Other merit lists and migration results can be checked from here. Feel free to ask any question if you have any.

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