Dubai Visa Check Online 2024 (UAE Visa Status Check by Passport)

From here, You can Dubai Visa Check by Passport Number. Dubai Visa Online Check is possible for work visa and visit visa. You can see the Dubai Visa Status. Moreover, you can be sure if your visa is original or not.

Citizens from Bangladesh and India mostly visit Dubai. Every year, millions of people visits lands of UAE (United Arab Emirates) either with job visa or for touring. However, for the visa holders, it seems to be necessary to check Dubai Visa Details and Dubai visa validity.

Step-by-step guideline is given here for the visa checking method. Also, related queries are answered here.

Dubai Visa Check

UAE Visa Check by Passport Number can be checked from here, the official webpage for visa enquiry. You will need to enter passport number, passport expiry date and your nationality to see your visa information.

There are various types of visa UAE Immigration Department issues for. But most of the people look for 1) Dubai Work Visa Check and 2) Dubai Visit Visa Status Check. In 2023, UAE visa check for Bangladeshi is quite easy.

Inquire about the status of the application or file and Dubai Visa Online Check is possible. You will find the information of your visa in-details after you enter the required data.

Dubai Visa Online Check

Why you need to check Dubai Visa?

The visa is the most important documents for one person who wishes to flight to Dubai. If the visa looks fine, then the person passes the immigration department without any hassle. But if the authority finds visa not valid then adequate action will be taken against you.

  • Dubai Visa Check for Bangladeshi
  • Dubai Visa Check for Indians

How to check Dubai Visa Check?

To answer this question, the Dubai Visa Online Check blog post is written. However, Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship Visa Checking web portal link is provided here. You will visit this link to find your Dubai Visa Details.

UAE Visa Check by Passport Number

The name of Dubai Immigration Office is ‘General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai’. The authority has opened ‘Dubai Visa Check with Passport Number’ portal to reduce hassle of the residents and visa holders.

To check your Dubai Visa Validity-

  • At first, visit the website of Dubai immigration authority website (
  • Please select ‘Passport Information’ in the Search By option
  • If you are a citizen of GCC included country, then click on the ‘GCC Citizen’ tab
  • If you are working there, select ‘Resident’ and if you are new then select ‘Visa’
  • You will see two empty boxes
  • Enter your passport number in the first box
  • Enter your passport expiry date in the second box
  • Select your nationality and submit

Note: You have to clear the ‘I’m Not a Robot’ captcha as a security issue of the system.

Visa applicants from Bangladesh and India will follow this same method to check Dubai visa validity. Both Dubai Visit visa and Dubai Work Visa can be checked by this method.

Dubai Visa Check Status

If you wish to check the Dubai Visa Check Status, then you have to go through a simple process. By this process, you can know what is your Dubai Visa Status, is it granted or not.

To check UAE Visa Status for Bangladeshi:

  • Visit Arab Emirates Visa Status checking website (
  • Payment date, transaction number and the order number (Application Number) is required
  • You will enter these information correctly
  • Then click on ‘Scan’ to see the visa status

Interesting fact:

You can know details about Dubai Visa Check by passport number by offline method. How is it? You need to make a phone call to the Amer Service. If you are outside the UAE, call Amer on the toll free number +9714-313-9999. Contact Amer service through 800 5111 number if you are living in the UAE.

Every year, a huge numbers of workers go to Dubai for a better life and earning. For these people, it is necessary to find out if the visa is valid or not. This article will help these people to know about their visa validity.

FAQs About Dubai Visa

Q. What is the Dubai Visa Validity?

Answer: Dubai Entry visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. But the 96‑hour and 48‑hour visas are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Q. What is needed to Dubai Visa Online Check?

Answer: Passport number and the passport expiry date are required to check Dubai Visa.

Q. Does this visa permit the visa-holder to exit/entry from any airport of UAE?

Answer: Yes, the visa holder can exit/entry from any airport of the country.

Q. Is Dubai Visa stamped on the passport?

Answer: Yes, in the immigration desk, the visa will be stamped on passport after completing inquires.

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Last Words: You may have checked your UAE Visa through online. If you having any disturbance or problem to check the visa please let us know about your problem.

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