Malaysia Visa Check Online by Passport Number

At this time, in 2023, it just needs one minute to Malaysia Visa Check. E Visa Check for Malaysia is important since the e-visa is your entry document for Malaysia. By passport number and the sticker number, you can check your visa and you can assure the visa is valid.

Online Visa Check Online In Malaysia is not so complex. But to make sure that you can find your visa information without any confusion, the Malaysia E Visa Check by Passport Number process is described here. So, please do as per as mentioned to check Malaysia E Visa.

Malaysia Visa Check Online

Mostly known two types of Malaysia Visa are booked by Bangladeshi Citizens. These are Tourist visa and Worker Visa. Both types of visas can be checked if it is valid or not. You can see the Malaysia E visa status online.

  • Malaysia Tourist Visa Status Check
  • Malaysia Work Visa Status Check

One way to do this is to check your visa status using your passport number. The e-Visa merely establishes that you are permitted for going to Malaysia. There are many fraudulent cases we hear about Malaysia Visa. That’s why it is suggested to Online Visa Check in Malaysia.

Malaysia Visa Check By Passport Number

You may be confused about – “How to Check Your Malaysia Visa Status Online?” But there is nothing to worry about it. ‘Malaysia Immigration Department’ has opened this Evisa checking portal so that the visa holders don’t fall in fraudulent.

The passport number and sticker number is needed to Malaysia Visa Check or checking eNTRI. The sticker number you will find on the visa paper. While you are typing the passport & sticker number, make sure these are correct. Dont type the wrong information there.

Online Visa Check In Malaysia

The E visa is for a worker is valid for temporary employment. Once the visa holder reaches Malaysia, he must obtain long-term pass.

Want to Online Visa Check In Malaysia? Please go to the following link and E Visa Check for Malaysia Online Status. If you already have checked the validity then you dont need to check it again.

If you have applied for an e visa of Malaysia, then Malaysia Visa Check Online Status is essential for you. Usually, the agencies provide valid visas. But still you need to make sure you have the original visa, there is no forgery.

Malaysia E Visa Check by Passport Number

To check Malaysia Visa Check with Passport Number, please follow the rules-

  • Go to the Visa Checking Website (malaysiavisa imi gov my/evisa/checkstatus)
  • Two empty boxes will appear, enter your passport number and the sticker number
  • The security code is required to enter correctly
  • Click on ‘I have obtained my Visa’
  • Then submit and preview your e visa information

If your entered data (passport number & sticker number) is correct then the visa information will come. Reference number, visa status, visa number & visa validity will be mentioned.

Check your Malaysia Visa by Passport Number go to this website FomemaStatus. Remember, if your data (passport number & sticker number) is not correct, or if you don’t have valid visa, then ‘evisa not valid or not found’ will be shown.

This e visa is a document which makes you eligible for fly to Malaysia. But the Malaysia Immigration Department will verify your documents while you reach there. That time, your visa will be verified if it is valid or not. If they find any false information or the visa is not valid, then they will take steps against you. That is the reason you must be assured about your visa by Malaysia Visa Check.

FAQs about Malaysia e Visa

The people who go to Malaysia may have some queries about the visa. Here are some common question that are found-

Q. How many countries citizen are allowed to travel Malaysia without visa?

Answer: Nationals from over 100 countries are allowed to enter Malaysia without visa.

Q. What is the Malaysia E visa validity?

Answer: Tourist visa is valid for up to 90 days. The worker visa is usually issued for 05 months to 60 months (05 years).

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Except work visa and tourist visa, there are also student visa, Business visa and Expatriate visa can be checked by this method. If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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