Eporcha Gov BD (RS, BS online khatian check bd)

E-porcha service has been started now eporcha gov bd login. You can find your porcha online and get a document copy from the website If you want to know how you can get your online porcha copy read the article carefully. We will tell you the process.

There is an official website from Bangladesh government. This website provides all the services related to Khatian and porcha. This method is also called E-porcha. Bangladeshi citizen can get the benefits of this service free from any place of the country. Have you ever got your khatian from login? If not, then learn the system from here.

RS, BS Online Khatian Check BD

There are many types of ledger or khatian e porcha in Bangladesh. Such as CS, RS, SA, BS, BRS, peti and diara khatian. Khatian or porcha is an important thing for the land and for the landowner. Because it holds all the documents and information about the land or property.

At this present time, it is quite easy to check the Khatian for any property. Sometimes your Real Khatian is damaged or you lose the khatian that time you want to know the digital land gov bd information from online.

online porcha check bd Eporcha Gov BD (RS, BS online khatian check bd)

The image shows how many e-porcha information have been provided to BD citizens.

The land service is provided through this portal. If anytime you need to know about your property RS, BS and khatian you can visit the Eporcha web portal of Bangladesh. There you can easily get the service you need.

Eporcha Gov BD online khatian check bd

Many people search for CS khatian check, RS khatian check,rs porcha check bd,  BS khatian check, BRS khatian check online. They face problems finding their khatian online. It is an important thing for all. Every land owner needs it.

Follow digital land gov bd to get your online e porcha. Not all the people know about eporcha check process. They could not find their khatian details as they want. We will show you the way you can get  your online porcha Bangladesh from the official website.

Bangladeshi citizens now get the free service of E porcha through internet. Nowadays, a large number of people are getting the benefit of the E porcha by using it for their land property.

E porcha Bangladesh

Eporcha is a new service provided by land ministry of Bangladesh. There are about 23 lakhs and 20 thousands khatian have been recorded online. They give the service by the website There you can get your information of your property, get online copy of khatian and you can also apply for the certified khatian copy.

Previously, people of our country had to suffer for any kind of porcha purpose. Recently Bangladesh Government started a service which is known as Eporcha Bangladesh. Many people are getting advantage of this service provided by the BD Administration.

Follow the Instructions-

eporcha gov bd Eporcha Gov BD (RS, BS online khatian check bd)

Since it is a sensitive matter you have to be careful while entering the information about your property. This system is also a lengthy process but at last you can get your porcha from online without any hesitation.

Online Porcha Check

The time of hesitation is over now. Many times we need to find out our online porcha through the internet. Since it is an important thing for us we should know how to find the online Porcha from internet.

  • First you have to visit the website
  • There you will find a option খতিয়ান অনুসন্ধান
  • You have to click that option.
  • Then select your district from the map.
  • Select Khatian type from the table.
  • Select your Upazila and Mouja name
  • Enter your khatian Number in the box.
  • Give your spot number with it.
  • Enter land owners name
  • Enter the name of land owners Father or Husband.
  • There you can see a captcha code. Enter that captcha.
  • Then click search option.

Your details about your land will be shown in the screen. Make sure your provided information are correct. If you enter any wrong or fake information your needed porcha will not be shown.

Online Porcha Check BD

That is the process you can get your information of your land or property. As online porcha check bd is very important for the land you can easily know about it from online. There you can also the online copy of the khatian. But that’s not a certified copy. But sometimes you can solve your small problem with this online copy.

Online E-porcha is now one of the most useful service from our country government. It helps people to find out their online porcha which is a important thing. People also can check and download their khatian, RS, BS, CS etc. from the service.

E Porcha 2023

  • When you see your land details, There you can also see a option named online copy, click on that.
  • There you have to provide your personal information like NID number, Mobile number, address etc.
  • If you give all the information correct you will see the PDF version of the khatian online copy.
  • You can download it and print it so that you can keep it.

Sometimes you may show your land document due to any problem. If you don’t have your original documents or they are damaged or loosen, you can simply show your online copy of khatian.

Note: Though it is not a certified copy you can solve your small problems with it. You can do many things with this online copy.

E-porcha is much needed for this time. Nowadays this service is helping many people for their porcha, khatian and many more information. Experts have positive review for this service. They say this governmental service is very helpful for all the people of Bangladesh.

E Porcha Application

If you need to get the certified copy of your land you can apply for it in the website. But you may not know the process. The original Copy of the E Porcha online application is mentioned here.

Here the process to get Online E porcha is given. Anyone can get his/her property porcha or khatian by this way. If you also need to get your Online khatian you can get it. Go to the official link and follow:

  • First browse the website
  • There you can apply for the certified copy.
  • You have to pay fee for that process.
  • If your payment is done the process will be continued.
  • Then fill the application form and print a copy of it.
  • You have to visit your upazila commission to get your khatian certified copy.

You can get your certified copy in several days after application. Follow this method if you need your Online khatian anytime. This method will help you to find your khatian.

People want to know how they can check their online E-porcha. As all of the people need their khatian or porcha details for any reason, now it has been easy. Anyone can check their RS, BS, CS etc. from the online service of Bangladesh.

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