Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2022 (BD 22k, 21K, 18K Sonar Dam)

We will announce the Today 22k Gold Price in Bangladesh per Vori. We will talk about Gold 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k Sonar prices in Gram. If you want to know the gold price today read the article carefully. There is no gold mine in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh gold is imported from different countries. That’s why the price of gold in our country depends on other countries’ prices. As it is imported gold, the price is comparably higher than other countries.

Gold price in Bangladesh rises and falls. Sometimes the gold rate high and suddenly falls down. But we are telling you the real price of gold in Bangladesh announced by BAJUS. That’s why everyone wants to know about Bangladesh/ Dubai gold price today.

Gold Price Bangladesh

Gold is a precious, expensive metal so its but not essay for all people. Usually all the women love to wear gold jewelry but some men also wear gold jewelry like rings. People around the world make jewelry from gold. In every country gold is used. That’s why this gold metal has another level of demand. You can easily calculate the price with that. But we did the work for you and published the gold price in ana today.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

There are different kinds of gold as a 18k gold, 21k gold, 22k gold and 24k gold in the gold market. You can buy and use as you want. 24K gold its pure gold its called gold Bar the price of these kinds of gold is also different. The price is usually announced per gold gram. Today in Bangladesh BAJUS Bangladesh jewelry Samity announced the gold price in grams.

24k gold (per gram)5,831 tk
22k gold (per gram)6,689 tk
21k gold (per gram)6,432 tk
18k gold (per gram)5570 tk
Traditional gold (per gram)4575 tk

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2022

That was the price of gold published by BAJUS Bangladesh Jewelry Samity in grams. But many people don’t understand that price in grams. So for you we are publishing the gold price in vori and ana so that you can understand. You will know the gold price in vori from here. As we know 1 vori gold is equal to 11.66 gram. We calculate that with the price in gram and published in vori.

24k gold (per vori)68, 000 tk
22k gold (per vori)78, 000 tk
21k gold (per vori)75, 000 tk
18k gold (per vori)64, 946 tk
Traditional gold (per vori)53, 344 tk

Gold price per ana

We showed you the gold price now in gram and vori. But some people wants to know the gold price in ana. That’s why we also published the gold price in ana. 1 vori is equal to 16 ana. Also in Bangladesh gold has great demand for it. Bangladesh cannot go a single day without a day. Because there is a huge business with gold.

24k gold (per ana)4250 tk
22k gold (per ana)4,875 tk
21k gold (per ana)4,687 tk
18k gold (per ana)4,059 tk
Traditional gold (per ana)3,334 tk

The organization BAJUS Bangladesh Jewelry Samity maintains and publishes the gold price in our country. Some people fear buying gold from our country. Because there are many people who earn black money with fake gold. But there are some privacy policy provided by BAJUS. If you follow the privacy policies you will not have any problem with the gold jeweler and you don’t have any fear.

Price of gold today

As we published the gold price today we have to mention that the price of gold has increased now. Few months ago it was not like it is today. The price of gold was literally low. But due to coronavirus the whole world was stopped so the gold mines also. That is one reason of gold price rising. Gold price raised also because of the Russia-Ukraine war which was started some days ago.

We publish the gold price on our website. You can know the everyday price of gold from our website. We publish the gold price in vori, ana and gram so that you can understand the real price. 

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