HSC Short Syllabus 2024 PDF Download all Subject

HSC Short Syllabus 2024 is already announced. Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has published the HSC syllabus for all education boards. The students of Science, Business Studies and Humanities can find your each Subject Wise HSC New Syllabus PDF. There are new rules have been adopted by the exam controller.

The HSC exam will be held on June second week. Education Ministry has announced that 2024 exam will be held for short syllabus. The syllabus is almost same as previous year. The 2022-23 session students did not get enough time for their study. So, the Education Minister has decided to take the exam in short syllabus.

HSC Short Syllabus 2024

Want to get HSC Short Syllabus 2024 PDF All Subjects? Here, you are getting HSC Exam Short Syllabus for each subject. Here we provide subject wise syllabus as PDF file.

The syllabus is same for the students of all education boards. But the students of Madrasah board and technical board have different subject. HSC Vocational Syllabus and the HSC Alim Syllabus is available here.

HSC Short Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

For the students, “HSC Syllabus Bangladesh” term is very crucial. Every student has to follow the syllabus for the exam. The question paper will be made surrounding this Short Syllabus for HSC 2024 Exam.

This article is about the Short Syllabus for HSC 2024 Exam. Subject Wise HSC Syllabus PDF have been shared here for all group students. The HSC candidates of Science, Commerce and Humanities are getting HSC Revised Syllabus PDF Download by here.

Short Syllabus for HSC 2024 Exam

For each group (science, business studies and Arts) the PDF file is given here. So that the HSC candidates can take the best preparation for their upcoming exam. Students, please click on ‘Download’ button to get your Subject Wise HSC Syllabus PDF.

Bangla 1st paperDownload PDF
Bangla 2nd PaperDownload PDF
English 1st PaperDownload PDF
English 2nd PaperDownload PDF
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Download PDF
Islam Shikkha 1st PaperDownload PDF
Islam Shikkha 2nd PaperDownload PDF

HSC Short Syllabus for Science

Mostly the students of Science group worry for the syllabus. Because, they have to finish the syllabus before the exam starts. They need proper time to revise the full study syllabus. Here, science group short syllabus for HSC exam is shared.

Physics 1st PartDownload PDF
Physics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Chemistry 1st PartDownload PDF
Chemistry  2nd PartDownload PDF
Biology  1st PartDownload PDF
Biology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Higher Mathematics 1st PartDownload PDF
Higher Mathematics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 1st PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 2nd PartDownload PDF
Statistics 1st PartDownload PDF
Statistics 2nd PartDownload PDF

HSC Short Syllabus for Business Studies:

There are more number of students under Business Studies group than other groups. The students of Commerce mostly fear for the ‘Accounting’ subject. But taking the right preparation can give you a best GPA on the HSC exam.

Accounting 1st PartDownload PDF
Accounting 2nd PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Product Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Product Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 1st PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 2nd PartDownload PDF

HSC Short Syllabus for Humanities:

The subjects of Arts group have more chapters than other groups. So, you have to know your syllabus properly. Avoid the chapters which are not in the HSC Short Syllabus 2024. Read the included chapters again and again.

Logic 1st PartDownload PDF
Logic 2nd PartDownload PDF
Economics 1st PartDownload PDF
Economics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Social Work 1st PartDownload PDF
Social Work 2nd PartDownload PDF
Geography 1st PartDownload PDF
Geography 2nd PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 1st PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 2nd PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 1st PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 2nd PartDownload PDF
Sociology 1st PaperDownload PDF
Sociology 2nd PaperDownload PDF
History 1st PartDownload PDF
History 2nd PartDownload PDF
Psychology 1st PartDownload PDF
Psychology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Home Science 1st PartDownload pdf
Home Science 2nd PartDownload PDF

Most of the parents are happy to hear that the near-at-hand exam will be taken for short syllabus. They had complained that their children are not getting enough time to complete the full syllabus. Consciously, it is true that the students are not getting enough time.

This major problem has caught Education Minister’s eyes. Then she has planned the HSC exam to be taken on short and rearranged syllabus. Well, I think it was the best idea at this moment. The students got relief to hear that.

HSC Short Syllabus 2024 PDF All Subjects

HSC Revised Syllabus PDF Download is available here. The time schedule for the HSC exam has been already announced by the Exam Controlled of Dhaka Education Board. There will be regular, irregular and grade improvement candidates in the HSC exam. So, all of these candidates will follow this syllabus.

For your kind information, 12 lakh students have registered for the upcoming HSC exam. However, the HSC Syllabus Bangladesh all education board is same. You don’t need to search for your board wise syllabus individually. Though the question paper is not same, the syllabus remains same.

HSC Exam Short Syllabus

The HSC Vocational Syllabus and HSC Alim Syllabus is already given here. Please find out your subjects and download the PDF file. You already know that the HSC Alim Short Syllabus and the HSC Vocational syllabus 2024 is shared in PDF format. So it will be better for your if you download the PDF and get print copy.

The HSC Exam Short Syllabus is here for the candidates who are going to sit for the Intermediate exam. The HSC 2024 Short Syllabus is much important for the students. To score a good GPA, you must take the best preparations for the coming exam.

Subject Wise HSC Syllabus PDF 2024

The main subjects like Bangla, English and ICT subjects syllabus are given at the top. Then the group-based subjects syllabus PDF file are shared.

Students, finally you have got your HSC Short Syllabus for 2024 HSC exam. Now your job is to read the full syllabus and take the best preparation. Be aware of the restrictions in the exam hall. Revise the chapters that you have read earlier. Best of luck for your upcoming HSC 2024 Exam.

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