Saudi Arabia Visa Check By Passport Number [Online Visa Check]

You must need to Saudi Arabia Visa Check if you have submitted application for a visa issuance. It is possible to Saudi Arabia Visa check by passport number. Also you can Saudi Arabia work visa check online. The website of MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) provides the validity information of all type of Saudi Arabian visa.

Saudi Arabia authority issues family visa, work visa, tourist visa and Business visa for general people. Saudi Arabia visa check is a good thing to know the visa status through online. You can know if the visa has been issued or not, visa expiry date, visa sponsor name and other details.

Saudi Arabia Visa Check 2023

In previous years, the visa checking process was difficult and suffering. People had to visit the Saudi Royal Embassy of Bangladesh to check their visa validity. But now it has been much easier because of the online process. You have to visit visa mofa gov bd website to Saudi Arabia visa check. Previously the website was

saudi visa Saudi Arabia Visa Check By Passport Number [Online Visa Check]

Checking the visa is an important thing. Because, you can’t be sure if your visa is original or duplicate. There is only way to know if your visa is original. You can check it through the internet. Saudi Arabia Immigration authority lets you check if your visa is original.

Many people ask, “Is Saudi Arabia visa can be checked by passport number?” The answer is yes, that is possible. Here, we are showing you how you can check Saudi Arabia visa by passport number.

Saudi Arabia Visa Check Online BD

A visa has its limited time. Saudi Arabian E-visa and other type of visa data are stored in the official visa website of Saudi authority. That helps us to Saudi Arabia Online Visa Check to renew the visa before it expires.

Information you need to verify your visa:

  • Your passport Number
  • Your Nationality
  • Visa type
  • Visa issuing authority Name

As you are from Bangladesh, your visa issuing authority will be ‘Dhaka’. You will select ‘work visa’ as visa type if you are going to Saudi Arabia for employment. Now learn how to Saudi Arabia visa check and be sure about your visa.

saudi arabia visa check Saudi Arabia Visa Check By Passport Number [Online Visa Check]

The visa checking website link is given below. Kindly visit the website and check your visa-

Every year, a huge number of people go to Saudi Arabia for tour and work. It is important to check if the visa is issued or not. If the visa is not issued then you have to apply once again. Or if the visa is issued then you can buy ticket for the flight.

Saudi Arabia Visa Check by Passport Number

After you go to visa. website, you can check your Saudi Arabian visa. The website is in Arabian Language. You need to change the language into English. You will find an ‘E’ option in the left upper corner to convert into English.

To check your visa:

  • Visit the website
  • You will see four boxes that you need to fill
  • Input your Passport number
  • Select your Visa type from the list
  • Enter your Nationality (Bangladeshi)
  • Enter visa Issuing authority (Dhaka)
  • Type the captcha code there
  • Press ‘search’ and your visa information will be visible

If your visa is valid or issued, all its information will be shown. You will see visa holder’s name, visa type, visa issuing and expiry date, visa sponsor name and other details. If your visa is not issued or not valid, there will be an error message.

Many Bangladeshi citizen fell in confusion about their visa. This simple but useful system can reduce their anxiety by showing the visa information to them. If you have applied for a Saudi visa then you can visa check by passport number.

Online Visa Check for Saudi Arabia

Saudi kingdom welcomes foreigner to their country. But they are very strict about their tourism and foreign workers. If they find anything wrong or fraud they take quick action against it. So, make sure all your information is correct while submitting the visa application.

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If you find anything mistake in your visa, contact to the Saudi Royal Embassy of Bangladesh as soon as possible to solve your problem. If you select wrong visa type, the visa information will not be shown. Thats why you have to be careful while typing passport number.

Different people go to Saudi Kingdom for different reason. Some go for work, some go for hajj, some go for Umrah, and some go for business. So, it is important to stop fraudulence. Visa checking process takes you one step further to ensure your legal and valid visa for Saudi Arabia.

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