E Challan gov bd – Online Challan Verification (এ চালান করার নিয়ম)

Online Chalan Verification Deposited in e-Payment Sonali Bank on echallan gov bd. It is the Automated Online Challan Verification. After we complete our deposits we need to check online challan verification. Our government has opened a web portal where all kind of online challan can be verified.

It is a simple trick to online challan check. Easily you can verify your challan but you have to learn the procedure first. You have to provide valid information about the challan to check if it is accepted or not.

Only Bangladesh Bank and Sonali Bank option you will find in the bank selection option. Because these are the governmental banks that are used for all kind of challan.

For your kind information, Mobile banking sector is under Sonali Bank. You want to verify Online E Challan? Then follow the mentioned instructions given here.

Online Challan Verification

The online challan verification is provided and controlled by CGA. The payment can be done in many ways. Weather you complete payment by mobile banking, Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank the challan can be verified by the same way.

It is important to online challan verify. Because, many important transactions are completed by online challan system. Their amount is also big. Specially passport fee is paid by online challan system. Some fraud can create problem in this system. The online challan verification process is described here.

Learn how you to verify online challan.

online challan verification 1 E Challan gov bd - Online Challan Verification (এ চালান করার নিয়ম)

Bangladesh Government is working to make every service online. They have successfully started this online challan verification system and now thousands of businessman are doing their business with more security. This verification process is quite good and the citizens of our country can take advantage of this.

Have you ever verified your challan online? If not, then you must learn how to verify transaction challan within few minutes.

Online Challan Verify

Many people and companies complete their payment using online challan. They can be sure about their transactions by verifying the challan. Not much information is required for challan verification. You just have to provide challan number, challan date, payment method, bank name etc.

All kind of online challan is created by ibs finance gov bd website. But challan is verified in CGA website gateway. We are providing the online Challan verify link and showing you how you can verify your challan.

This verification system is fully electronic. There is no chance to give you wrong result. When you complete your payment, officers enter your transaction data in the website. The chalan is quite needed for business purpose. So the businessman will be benefited for this system.

This whole system is controlled by CGA authority. With this service you can easily verify your challan that is used for your transaction.

How to verify online challan?

There are many benefits to check your challan online. First is you can be 100% about your completed payment. Then, you can catch duplicate or fake challan copy. It is much important for you if you have completed payment for your business.

Your online challan can be verified in this web link. You have to make sure all your provided information is correct. Only valid information are accepted to show your challan verification.

Follow this procedure:

  • First go to portal
  • Enter your challan date
  • Select your payment method (Cash, Cheque, transfer or e-payment)
  • If you have completed payment by mobile banking select e-payment
  • Select Bank name and branch name
  • Enter Challan number
  • Press ‘Submit’ and verify your challan

There is another method to verify the challan. That is you can directly go to the ‘Automated Challan Verification’ option. There you just have to enter the challan number to check out.

See the image-

how to verify online challan E Challan gov bd - Online Challan Verification (এ চালান করার নিয়ম)

The challan system has been updated several times. Because, the authority is working to reduce suffering of the elderly persons of our country. The online portal is open 24/7 for Bangladeshi citizens.

Online Challan Verification Bd

Controller General of accounts (CGA) provides this challan verification system in 2015. That time only Bangladesh Bank challan could be verified with this system. But then, the system was upgraded and Bangladesh Bank and Sonali Bank treasury challan verification has been started.

For businessman it was a big problem to payment. They could not be sure about their paid money. Many people fell in trap of frauds. The challan verification system is helping big companies and businessman to be ensure about transaction.

Back then it was a time taking process. But this online challan verification system is time saving. People now verify their payment online challan in within a short time. The verification of challan is a simple trick.

Online Challan Check

One thing you should remember that, with this system it is possible to check your all transaction that are completed with online Challan. But it is better to be careful at payment time. Because the paid money can be reversed to you. But that is a lengthy and complex process এ চালান করার নিয়ম. Follow this verification system using any browser by your mobile phone or computer.

You can check your transaction challan in just one minute. The good thing is, every businessman can check his/her challan with a simple trick.

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By reading this article, you have learned all the information about the online challan verification system. Also we have shown you the verification system. Check your challan whenever you need. That would help you to be sure about your payment.

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