RU Eligible List 2021-2022 PDF Rajshahi University:

Rajshahi University RU Eligible list 2022 is published by All the applicants now can check the RU short list for 2021-22 session admission test. In this short eligible list can be downloaded from here. You can see your roll number in the RU primary section result if you are selected for the final admission test.

Application for Preliminary Rajshahi University Eligible List Published on 14th June 2022. Applicants were able to preliminary apply for Rajshahi University till 9 June. After that they needed to get the RU eligible list for admission test. Though there are many applicants for RU admission test but some of them will not be able to attend the admission test.

RU Eligible list 2021-2022

RU Eligible list is created for the applicants for Rajshahi University. This year there were many students who passed the HSC and wished to admit into RU. In Rajshahi University A unit applicants were more than 1 lakh. There are huge number of applicants this year. But only few of them will be permitted for the admission test.

As the short eligible list has been created according to SSC and HSC GPA. And also some other things were included for the RU eligible list making process. After theru Short list is published.

Rajshahi University Eligible list 2022

As we know RU eligible list will be published on 15 June, 2022. You can check it on admission ru ac bd. A unit candidate number is 1 lakh and 40 thousand. B unit candidate number is 1 lakh and 5 thousand. C unit candidate number is 1 lakh and 30 thousand. But only 45 thousand students will be allowed for the final admission test for each unit A, B and C unit.

  • প্রথম পর্যায়ে প্রতিটি ইউনিটের জন্য নির্বাচিত ৭২ হাজার প্রার্থীকে ১৫/০৬/২০২২ তারিখ দুপুর ১২টা হতে ২১/০৬/২০২২ তারিখ বিকাল ৬টার মধ্যে আবেদন সম্পন্ন করতে হবে। পরবর্তীতে আবেদনের কোন সুযোগ থাকবে না। প্রথম পর্যায়ে নির্বাচিত প্রার্থী হতে আবেদনের নির্ধারিত সংখ্যা (৭২ হাজার) পূরণ না হলে ফলাফলের ভিত্তিতে পরবর্তী প্রার্থীরা দ্বিতীয় পর্যায়ে আবেদনের জন্য নির্বাচিত হবে।
  • দ্বিতীয় পর্যায়ের জন্য নির্বাচিত প্রার্থীকে ২২/০৬/২০২২ তারিখ রাত দুপুর ২টা হতে ২৫/০৬/২০২২ তারিখ বিকাল ৬টার মধ্যে আবেদন সম্পন্ন করতে হবে। পরবর্তীতে আবেদনের কোন সুযোগ থাকবে না। দ্বিতীয় পর্যায়ে নির্বাচিত প্রার্থী হতেও আবেদনের নির্ধারিত সংখ্যা (৭২ হাজার) পূরন না হলে ফলাফলের ভিত্তিতে পরবর্তী প্রার্থীরা তৃতীয় পর্যায়ে আবেদনের জন্য নির্বাচিত হবে।
  • তৃতীয় পর্যায়ের জন্য নির্বাচিত প্রার্থীকে ২৬/০৬/২০২২ তারিখ দুপুর ২টা হতে ২৮/০৬/২০২২ তারিখ রাত ১১.৫৯ টার মধ্যে আবেদন সম্পন্ন করতে হবে। উক্ত সময়ের পর আর কোন আবেদন গ্রহণ করা হবে না।

RU eligible list link is given here. You can check the eligible list and download it in your device. Rajshahi University released their RU eligible list on their website. Also here you can get your willing RU Short list for the final admission.

RU final Admission eligible list

After publishing the Rajshahi University short list from RU authority, they will start the final application. Now the short list is available. Only candidates who are selected in the eligible list can apply for final admission test. Final Admission test application will be started from 15 June. Final application can be submitted to 28 June.

This year Rajshahi University preliminary application was submitted by 3 lakh and 70 thousand students. They all fulfilled the requirements for application in Rajshahi University. The primary application was end in in 9 June. Now all the students were searching for their RU primary application eligible list.

The admission ru ac bd is the website responsible for the admission process for Rajshahi university. Preliminary application was done there. The RU Eligible list 2022 is also published here. And also the final application will be submitted in this website. You can download the RU eligible list from this website.

Rajshahi University Selection Result

Rajshahi University Primary selection list has been published today so all are eligible candidates apply online make payment unit wise.

  • First browse the website admission ru ac bd
  • Login with your information
  • After your log in you will able to see your application information
  • You will find the “RU eligible list” option there
  • Click on that and chose your unit
  • After that you will see the pdf file

Download the pdf file. In the pdf file you can see the roll number which was chosen for the final application.

This year all the candidates from Business Studies (C unit) are eligible for the final admission test. It means all the Commerce students are selected and they can all submit the final application for the RU admission 2021-22.

The preliminary application fee was 55tk and the final application fee is 1100tk for each unit. Now the primary RU eligible list is released and you can complete your final admission application. After the final application you can attend the admission test. The exam can be held in July month.

Students applied for Rajshahi University A unit or B unit or C unit for their admission. RU all unit wise short list has been now released. Check the list. Not all the candidates will be chosen.

ru 2nd notice RU Eligible List 2021-2022 PDF Rajshahi University:

RU Eligible short list

Unit NameExam Date
A unit25th July 2022
B unit26th July 2022
C unit27th July 2022

Candidates will be able to download their admit card from 2 July. If any student do not complete the payment his application will not be granted. So every applicant must pay the final application fee for the admission test. Among all the applicants some of them will be chosen for each unit wise.

Only those who have selected in the list and their name is put in the eligible list they are the final test candidates. The preliminary application was end few days earlier and today the short list has been released. Check the list for your name there. If you can see your name there you are able to apply for final test for Rajshahi University 2022. After the RU Short eligible list release selected students can apply for final application.

Now the Eligible list is out from the authority. So you can check the eligibility list on the admission portal of the RU. Also can check from here. So download your needed eligible list which is given here. We have provided the list for the applicants for Rajshahi University admission test.

Preliminary eligible list will show the names of the candidates who are selected for the final application. The application fee is fixed for 1100tk per unit. Your needed RU short list is given here. Simply check the list and make sure you are eligible for the admission test.

The eligible list was created by RU Professors. The list is made according to the GPA. Which students fulfill the mentioned GPA in HSC exam they will be able to apply for admission. Now you can check your RU eligible list. RU short eligible list is searched by all the applicants who applied preliminary application.

If you are selected in the RU eligible list you must complete your final application. Also have to complete the payment within 15 June to 28 June, 2022. So see the Rajshahi University Eligible list and be sure that you are selected for the final admission test.

This year Rajshahi University authority just announced the eligible GPA for the admission test. Those who have minimum GPA (which is mentioned by RU) can apply for the final admission test. Final Admission exam date is fixed by RU.

A unitPDF Download Link
B unitPDF Download Link
C unitPDF Download Link

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