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Railway Train Ticket Online Registration website www is the official website link of Bangladesh Railway. From today, Bangladesh Railway online tickets can be purchased through the Shohoz website. According to the Bangladesh BD Railway’s new E-Ticketing website is From here passengers will buy train online tickets.

Railway Ticket

Online train ticket new registration process will be starting on 26 March at 8 AM. To buy an online train ticket in Bangladesh registration is an important part. Without creating a profile people can’t buy it. So everybody who want buy ticket this article helpful for her.

shohoz train ticket

There is a new system of online ticket booking. There is increased demand for train transport in our country. Taking a ticket from the ticket counter gives us pain. That’s why the Railway Authority started an online ticket booking service. A few days ago online ticket booking service was closed due to some problem. Whatever, it started again from 26 March. If you want to buy a train ticket online and book a seat on the train, we will show you how to buy an online train ticket.

Bangladesh railway online ticket shohoz

There is an easy way to book railway tickets. The official website of Railway Authority is and you can buy tickets from website powered by Shohoz com. There are two steps to book a Railway ticket from the website.

All people of Bangladesh they buy her train ticket online way on e ticket gov bd website.

Bangladesh Train E-Ticketing Registration

Two steps are: (1) Register (2) Buy a ticket. First you have to register on the official website of the Railway authority. Now we will tell you how you can register on the website and how to buy online tickets.

Eticket Online Registration

The way of buying Railway ticket online:

First you have to visit the official site of the railway authority.

Then click the register button.

There you have to give your Full name, Date of Birth, Email, Address, NID no. or Birth Certificate no.

Then click the sign up button.

You will get a verification code in your mobile phone.

Put the code.

An E-mail message will be sent to your E-mail. View that message and click to the link which is given in the message. Then your registration is complete to shohozcom online train ticket.

Online Railway Ticket Booking

After you registration is done you can easily buy online ticket. When you want to buy ticket they need to know some information- from which station you want to go, which station you want to go, which class you want, how many seats do you want etc. they will ask you. You can easily fill the form. There you can know all the ticket prices. You can pay the ticket bill through Credit Card, Cash Card, Visa Card, BRAC Bank Account. Anyone can buy tickets before all the tickets are sold. But there is a limit of how many seats you can book due to some privacy issue. You can book maximum 32 tickets in one month, 8 tickets in a week and 4 tickets in a day. You can buy online ticket 10 days before the departure. Moreover you can choose your seat in the train 48 hours before the departure.

Railway ticket booking online

If your ticket is booked online you will get a notification in your E-mail which was given in the registration. You have to print out a copy of that mail. You can show it to the ticket counter and the person will give you tickets you reserved.

Eticket railway gov bd

This is the method of buying train tickets online from eticket gov bd. Bangladesh is a mass populated country. Here train transport is one of the most valued public transport. People use it to make their journey from one place to another. Taking a ticket manually from the counter is very painful. There is always a crowd in front of the ticket counter. Because of the website and online ticket booking method anyone can buy a ticket without any hesitation. We can book our ticket in just 2 min. That was so needed in our country.

BD Railway ticket 2022 Buy

We have shown you how you can buy railway tickets online from the website. Shohoz is now helping the Railway Authority to access the method of online ticket selling. Shohoz took the management of the new ticketing system for five years. But there is no big change in the system. You can easily book your railway ticket online. Almost 50% of the train tickets can be sold online.

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