NU Vaccine Registration: http

http:// 103 113 200 29/ student_covidinfo/

NU Students Vaccine Registration: student who reads in National University affiliated colleges has to submit their Corona Virus Vaccine Registration. So if you are a NU Honours, Degree, or Masters student, you must register for NU Covid vaccine. NU Vaccine Registration NU Corona or Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration Process start now.

103.113 nu covid registration 2021 last date 21st September 2022 so students visit website and apply online 103.113 NU Covid Vaccine, 103.113 NU Vaccine, student covid info/, student covid info,,​student_covidinfo for covid vaccine registration without national id card.

NU Vaccine

103.113 NU Covid Vaccine, 103.113 NU Vaccine, student covid info/, student covid info,,​student_covidinfo.

Nu vaccine Registration National University Corona Vaccine Registration online way submit application. National University Vaccine Registration can be completed by a short application form. So students now can apply corona tika application online website link published for apply website link active for students covid data collection. Longtime Bangladesh all Education institute off online way some class and exam held. Now preparation for Government and private college University for so students firstly need vaccinate.

Covid vaccine registration link: every students apply online way covid 19 vaccine. National University students apply for vaccine in her nid card or birth registration id.

National University Corona vaccine Registration student who studied in the undergraduate and graduate courses in NU. http:// 103. 113.200.28/student_covidinfo/ NU Corona Vaccine Application Link.

National University students they now registration for covid 19 data entry. So Students visit under given link and link active up to 21 September 2022

NU Vaccine Registration

Covid Vaccine Registration form for NU students they now apply online by this website 103.113 nu covid registration. Covid data entry last date 21st September than vaccine 1st dose and 2nd dose found all students randomly.

Bangladesh National University students they application form submit of nu Covid info. Many server issue so NU authuritu now time extend so students now apply who can’t submit her corona vaccine registration form. NU covid 19 Data of Honors 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 Sessions will be available.

Evey National University Students registration for covid 19 vaccine. Tika Registration last date without NID 21st September 2022 so now server working that students submitted application.

NU covid vaccine data registration online submit form So students must be apply within dead line. So visit 103.113 website found coronavirus vaccine registration link and inter all information and submit.

NU Students they now complete her corona vaccine registration 2022 online way. So, this students not submit her corona vaccine data they now entry personal information.

NU Students they registration corona vaccine go link and given all information. Nu students covid vaccine covid19 info update. Without nid card students apply after few days nu authority announced a notice for that.

NU Students Corona Vaccine Registration

The National University of Bangladesh recently published the Corona Vaccine Registration notice on 103.113 nu covid app. This covid registration for nu regular/irregular/honours/masters/degree session 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2018-19 and 2020-21 students. So for all students studying at the National University, you can easily register for the vaccine.

According to the notification, students have to complete the registration by September 21, 2022. Earlier, the application deadline was September 21, 2022. If any students not submit her application they can try again now server working fine. So student nu covid server registration complete.

Who students can’t apply vaccine registration they now try and important say that before application submit all information given correct and carefully after submit you can’t change any information. If any wrong information correction need mail to NU authority with mention problem.

National University Student corona Vaccine Registration has been Started through website.

NU Vaccine Registration: http

Visit for online covid-19 vaccine Registration. If you will be not find how to sign up for covid vaccine online Registration for national university covid 19 vaccine registration form download.

Every students of National University they now registration covid vaccine. So students can now apply online to website 103.113 nu so visit website and application through.

Government serves the CoronaVirus vaccine for the people of Bangladesh. NU authority published a notice and said to fill up some information and submit it online. Now click for nu corona vaccine registration link active now.

National University Corona Vaccine Registration form fill up all information given correctly than submit application. Every students for who study here they can Registration complete by her NU Reg wise.

Bangladesh all education institute off so now students need taken vaccine for open university. This way students try to register NU covid info. Website for online application.

How to Register for Covid-19 Vaccine (

The national university corona vaccine registration related notice has already been published in the official website. If you are searching for a student vaccine registration process or submit an application.

Bangladesh 2254 colleges under the NU All these colleges have a total of more than 20 Lakh students. All educational institutions in the country are closed for the Covid-19 epidemic. So NU Published Student Vaccine Registration online Registration form.

Today I will explain your nu covid-19 vaccine registration form pdf and other information. National University before class opening the University save all Students from coronavirus (covid 19) vaccine must be taken. Student Covid info link available here so students enter Registration number.

National University NU covid vaccine registration link for all students registration to 21st September 2022. Students of NU they visit for registration Honours/Degree and masters students so every students they go website inter your reg number and complete registration.

NU Vaccine Registration

The National University announced a notice update news for students on NU Notice for nu students corona vaccine registration so students now online way form fill-up here.

Students now application for corona vaccine its right place for application. National University one of the top university in Bangladesh most of the students under National. So major problem now university not open for lock down in Bangladesh reason of corona virus.

NU Covid vaccine Registration for all students they download her tika card and vaccine registration form. Students apply for corona vaccine within 21st September 2022.

So, In 21st September 2022 last date of covid 19 corona vaccine registration.

NU Vaccine tika Registration form download its run today midnight if nu authority time extend we are update here. So students vaccine nibondon online apply and link found our website.

NU Vaccine Registration link published NU authority for NU Students so they now apply covid tika form fill up and vaccine taken by surokkha app gov bd.

National University or affiliated colleges of NU has to submit their information. Are you a NU Honours, Degree, or Masters student. Coronavirus vaccine online to get the vaccine registration within 21st September 2022.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration

Covid 19 vaccine registration for all students who study i National University. Nu notice published for covdi 19 data update than everybody taken corona vaccine.

More than 32 lakh students are waiting to get vaccines for free under national university Bangladesh. NU Corona Vaccine Registration online. National University Covid-19 vaccine registration for students started two days ago and last date 21st September 2022. So nu students registration corona virus vaccine 2022 visit nu bd info.

The National University of Bangladesh recently published the Corona Vaccine Registration notice. This notice is for the students who are regular/irregular/honours/masters/degree session 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2018-19 and 2020-21. So for all students studying at the National University which you can easily register for the vaccine.

103.113.200 covid info data for fill up for students of National University. They now submit application and taken corona virus vaccine.

Nu Corona Vakcin Reg Process under given all instruction and link 103.113 ny covid registration student. So students they can now apply online way and vaccine registration confirmation done.

Covid 19 registration form fill up last date 21st September 2022. So students they now try to submit your vaccine registration form.

National University Covid 19 data entry link for students NU AC BD vaccine registration link working now so student now submit application.

103.113 nu vaccine registration 2022 website link

National University Corona Vaccine Registration link 103.113 nu covid info. So that’s way students applied for vaccine in her reg number wise. NU Students vaccine Registration link now active any server issue students can complete her registration.

NU covid19 Corona Vaccine Registration 2021 related notice published on the NU authority. In this notice, it’s clear that Students Corona Vaccine Registration 2021. Http://103.113 200 28 student_covidinfo/ apply for nu covid-19 registration.

Bangladesh National University students they registration for corona virus vaccine. Bangladesh govt given vaccine over 35 age now students also found covid vaccine so visit website and confirm registration.

NU covid19 Vaccine Registration Roadmap:

TopicNU Students Corona Virus Vaccine Online Registration 2022
Last Date of submission21, September 2022
Application TypeOnline Registration
Published Websitehttp://

Covid 19 vaccine given all students when all students cover corona vaccine than open education institution. Last year 2023 to 2022 school, college, university shutdown now all institution open after vaccinated.

জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় 103.113 nu covid vaccine info

The National University of Bangladesh recently published the Corona Vaccine Registration notice. This notice is for the students who are regular/irregular/honours/masters/degree session 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2018-19 and 2020-21. So for all students studying at the National University which you can easily register for the vaccine.

National University n covid info website 103.113 so students update her students data. Every students visit website follow all rules. Students can’t apply without NID Card must be neeed voter ID card.

103.113 nu covid vaccine registration link now active

National University (NU) Corona Virus Vaccine Registration. To register for the Covid-19 vaccine online, you need to enter the link http://103 113 200 28/student_covidinfo/. NU Students go new link for registration corona vaccine than submit application form and download.

In this situation, the National University has issued a notice on 16th September to list the information data list of University students is being competed within 21st September 2022.

Bangladesh all National University students are qualified for covid vakcin so stunts needs Register to covid data. Evey students who apply student covid info they taken free government vaccine.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration link –

NU Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Bangladesh 2022 Online Database. National University NU students can submit their own information for Coronavirus vaccine registration.

Covid 19 data entry for all students so visit 103.113 nu app than through application form. Evey students if need vaccine they must be registration before last date.

103.113 covid vaccine registration link visit exact URL for covid data registration. If type similar url example 103 113. 103.113.200 28, HTTP 103.113 its no working fine, So directly visit here.

In order to register NU Covid-19 vaccine vhttp:// web page. National University Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Problem? Reload same page. Bangladesh National University students data update for vaccine taken total list submission to government surokkha app.

Covid 19 its virus speed all over country so many long time school and college are shutdown. Now vaccine given against corona virus all of NU Students. After vaccinate students attend in class room without health risk.

NU Student Vaccine Registration

Nu students search on google for vaccine registration link they now submit your application. So visit website for covid 19 registration.

After complete registration you can print our or download your tika card submission success full sms. So students screen shoot on your covid19 vaccine data submit form.

National University one of the big University in Bangladesh so many long time class and exam off. So authority try for open institution but risk of students health so Evey students need to corona vaccine.

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Every students who study in National University they can now registration for vaccine. Its very essay to process only visit nu covid info link than given your Reg number and nid card DOB than submit Application.

NU Covid 19 corona virus Vaccine Registration link

Now your are discus about how to submit Corona Vaccine Data Entry Application 2022? Every students now submit her nu registration from for corona virus vaccine.

National University Corona vaccine Registration student who studied in the undergraduate and graduate courses in NU. So all students they now apply covid 19 vaccine by nu registration number. So now application submit before last date and any wrong information correction opportunity not allow so carefully submit your registration.

NU Corona Vaccine Registration Notice was published nu ac bd. According to the system of the National University in Bangladesh after publishing notice, they started registration for Covid-19 vaccine in their official website
How To Register For NU Corona Virus Vaccine?

NU Corona Vaccine Registration

National University Bangladesh NU Recent Notice 2021 site. Unfortunately, the Students flow this notice Board because nu notice, Unfortunately, does not find the official site. A new notice has been published on the official website.

NU coronavirus vaccine registration 2022 website link 103.113 nu bd students covid_info. So students registration form online way must be submit NID card or Birth Certificate Number. Who students no having Voter ID Card they follow next nu notice.

Students from all colleges affiliated to the National University must register to receive the coronavirus vaccine. So what if you are interested in getting the coronavirus vaccine must be registered within a certain period of time.

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration

Every students of National University they online way fill up personal information for covid -19 vaccine. Bangladesh government ensure to all students vaccine than open school college. Many students have now found corona virus vaccine.

Vaccine registration link so all students visit here and download tika card after submit application.

NU vaccine registration Mandatory info;

  1. NID Card Number
  2. Active Mobile number
  3. NU Reg or Roll number
  4. If taken ago Vaccine that’s information
  5. Date of birth of students.
  6. Residential information

All Students they download vaccine tika card from nu website So students visit nu covid 19 tika registration confirmation download. Students they study now national university any session who have found registration number they can registration.

Surokkha App Corona Tika Card Download

To complete the NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration, the students must fill up a form online. Many long time school, college are shutdown for covid-19 now Education ministry take step of of all students. Every students taken vaccine then open institution all over Bangladesh.

So now NU students under all college under Bangladesh vaccine campaign continue and its run 21th September 2022. Students first of all registration online way given her NID number and mobile number. Than all students found vaccine serial wise after all education institution open.

জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় covid registration tika card download

জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় covid registration link found in resultbd24 website. So now students need registration to online: nu student_covidinfo/. After complete nu vaccine registration than you can download your corona tika card from surokkha gov bd app.

Students of national university every students they now submit her covid registration. Students vaccine taken special way general people who age over 35 they only ca take vaccine so students data collection and vaccine push all students.

How To way covid 19 vaccine registration form bd. All students must be vaccine registration before last date so need your reg/nid/mobile number. After nu students taken vaccine than open university and need download corona certificate for attend exam.

 NU Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration 2022 is running and registration last date 21-September 2022. National University Honours, Masters, Or Degree Students can Apply For covid registration.

  1. First, visit the link
  2. Submit your Registration No (123456789) press Next
  3. Fill up your Mobile No, National Id (NID), Covid-19 Vaccine was taken and Residential status
  4. Now you submit your Application

Students of NU corona vaccine restriction start online this way all students search on google who to register on nu vaccine registration. Lets talk about this tropic NU authority announced a notice and said its emergecyu for all.

Nu Covid Vaccine registration link is if not working this link you try anther way like, student_covidinfo/, 103 113 200 28/student_covidinfo/, http:// student_covidinfo/, www.103.113.200./student_covidinfo/, 103.113 covid vaccine, covid info nu students.

Many of you are looking for the nu vaccine link to the CoronaVirus Registration website 2022. So for you, we have published the link to apply online here. So if you want you can register to get the vaccine now via the link

NU Students Corona Vaccine Data Entry Notice 2022 published on nu notice board and apply new website launch its covid 19 website for nu students vaccine registration.

So I would say without delay you can register now having any server issue for the coronavirus vaccine online registration from our website. As a result, you will be allowed to take classes and exam after the opening of the university.

All active students at the National University will be able to register for the vaccine. Other students studying in NU Honors, Masters, Degrees and other colleges or educational institutions affiliated to the National University will be able to register.

NU Vaccine information given last date time extend now new date is 21st September 2022 at 23:59 local time that’s way students must be apply online way confirm he registration. NU Vaccine link refer http://103..113.200.28/student_covidinfo/

NU Corona Vaccine Registration Notice was published nu ac bd. According to the system of the National University in Bangladesh after publishing notice, they started registration for Covid-19 vaccine registration in their official website

NU Coronavirus Vaccine Registration

National University Corona vaccine Registration student who studied in the undergraduate and graduate courses in NU. http:// 103. 113.200.28/student_covidinfo/ NU Corona Vaccine Application Link.

NU All Students must be submit her vaccine registration from by her reg number and NID card number given. So visit under given website link and follow instruction.

NU Covid Vaccine

National University NU Covid vaccine http://103.113 200 28 nu vaccine registration website for students get tika from government to free.

Follow the image for registration you inter your registration number than found a page with your students profile. After next you given information and submit application to covid 19 vaccine.

NU Vaccine Registration so students apply before today last date. website for covid 19 vaccine registration.

national university NU Vaccine Registration: http
corona viccine NU Vaccine Registration: http

Now click on the Submit option. If your application is successfully completed this (NU Covid-19 Student Registration data submitted successfully!)

National University Corona Vaccine Registration link has been active so all students now apply. So students visit and given all information here.

  1. NU Academic registration number (Honours/Degree)
  2. Student NID card number (must be)
  3. Mobile number
  4. Vaccination status (Yes/No)
  5. Student residential status (Home/Mes/Hostel)

103.113 nu app covid 19 vaccine

NU 103.113 nu app covid 19 vaccine online registration under given documents need for submit application. NU Covid app nu ac bd for registration vaccine. Students need NID/Mobile number submit application our website provide BN version for studnts clearly know about this tropic.

  • 13.113 nu app উক্ত ওয়েবসাইটে আপনার রেজিস্টেশন নাম্বার দিয়ে প্রবেশ করতে হবে।
  • তারপর নিচের তথ্য গুলো আপনাকে দিতে হবে।
  • ছাত্র/ছাত্রীদের জন্মতারিখ, মোবাইল নম্বর (01621111145)
  • জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্র নম্বর Example; 155446674)
  • কোভিড ভেকসিন নিয়েছেন কিনা? – yes/no, must be No other wise vaccine not taken
  • আপনি কোন অবস্থানে আছেন – যেমন- হোস্টেল/মেস/বাড়ী।

National University Students corona virus vaccine registration online application for students in Bangladesh. Every students try nu covid app download so our website provide all of about national university vaccine link.

NU 103.113 student Covid Vaccine registration

NU 103.113 students corona vaccine registration apply all students very simple having server problem. So students 103.113 link visit than found full data enter website and submit corona vaccine registration.

According to covid info circular to the system of the National University app now working, All candidates now apply received application for Covid-19 vaccine in their official website

NU Covid Vaccine, NU Covid Vaccine registration, NU Covid Vaccine login, NU Covid Vaccine link, 103.113 NU Covid Vaccine.

Final Word:

Today last date covid 19 vaccine registration on Every students of National University covid vaccine requisition info article.


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  1. Hello plz help for Registration..

    Date of birth:20-06-1996

        1. Reg:18215127415
          NID: 8253519196
          Phone: 01722336652
          Date of birth: 03/03/1997

      1. REG: 14101213359
        NID: 19951510476000270
        DOB: 15/11/1995
        MOBILE: 01643676714

  2. I can’t complete my registration. would you please help me, to give me the proper registration link. when I click the upper registration link then, again and again, return me to this page

    1. Sorry to say that vaccine registration time will be extend so don’t worry u can registration now here. plz now try link this i hope you can now do this. thanks for comments.

  3. Vaccine registration karar jonno link a probes kara jacche na. Tachara amr NID card nai, ta hole kivabe karbo.

  4. amr reg. hoccy na plz help me. NID. NO. 19921314513000150
    MA REG. NO. 017318089888

  5. Amr registration submit hoyse but ami net problm er karone successfully sms ta payni pore jokhn duklm tokhn already submit dekhyse ate kono problm hbe ki

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      Reg: no:15104150134
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